And one more week to go!

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Most of us didn’t sleep from Sunday to Monday and those who have, I bet it’s not much!

We all brought our outfits on Monday morning and showed them to Reiko, our critic and professor Skocir, our collection mentor. We met upstairs, on the third floor (we call it the draping room) instead of downstairs, our knitting lab. In the draping room, every student has two forms and can put the outfits and present them to the critic and the professor. This our last week before judging day!!! Reiko and P.Skocir carefully looked at our work and gave us final suggestions. By next Monday, everything has to be ONE HUNDRED % finished!  Of course, we are about to flip out, but surely not as much as the other knitwear class who has everything due TOMORROW!!! I can’t wait to have a look at what they are doing!


In the meanwhile, enjoy those pictures. I will post an entire gallery next week, and will focus on presenting some of students work. At the moment, everything is still a work in progress and everything can change until the last minute!

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  1. Marie says:

    Olechka you all might be sleep deprived but you sure look happy!
    I’m crazy about that knitted jacket! Can I Have it please! lol
    xoxo Marie

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