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….your professor tells you that you need to change your fabric when you are done with your dress and you critic is coming on Wednesday and you are taking a bunch of other classes and interning and you cry for like 4 hours because you are stressed and dancing like a doofus makes you feel better. —yes I know this is a ridiculous run on sentence, it’s called word vomit when your stress level is at my percentage! Anyways…this is a small video I put together today with my bff Grace and I literally going “Crazy” over school and deciding to have a little dancing fun to burn off some steam.

Sorry this is a short post, my life is a little whacky right now, as you can tell. (Garment photos will be coming soon!!!)

Oh ya, feel free to laugh!



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  1. Laura says:

    great choice to release stress!

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhh
    wow what’s a good way to release stress.
    you make me laugh tank you.

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