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10 days and counting until D-day.  I remember when that looming date of April 11th seemed light-years away.  The general mood among the class: PANIC.  Welcome to the REAL Project Runway.  The Challenge?  Complete an intimate apparel ensemble in 10 days made using at least 95% Cotton.  Now while you’re making this ensemble, make sure you are also interning two days a week and taking at least 12 credit hours to stay a full time student.  Which brings up another good point:  Our professors in other classes ACTUALLY expect us to do THEIR work this week!?!?  I mean, can you say BIG PICTURE?!?!

Well, for all the griping, second ensemble is actually coming along pretty well.  I have the bra and garter finished, and am currently trying to dye the panty.  I would love to start on the robe, but I decided to try to save money and buy my cotton tulle on-line.  Only yesterday did I find out that the guy sent it PARCEL POST after I specifically said I need is ASAP!  Utter FAIL.  I’m trying to knock out anything else that can be done while I’m waiting for the arrival of this grand package.  This includes but is not limited to dyeing, cutting lace, beading, making bows, making a petticoat, and draping the robe.  No big deal.


Oh, and apparently we’re asking to much to have the supplies we need actually available in the garment district!  Since Greenberg and Hammer went out of business last year, it has been impossible to find garters!  Steinlauf and Stoller only carries the VERY large vintage ones.  So what do we do?  Typically we do one of two things:  Cut apart a garment from a previous semester that has garters; OR buy a really nasty lingerie piece from H&M or CONWAY and steal the garters!  I bought a DISGUSTING fuchsia pink thing they called a bustier at Conway for $9.99 and cut the clear plastic garters off to be used on this ensemble.  The garters are covered with ribbon anyways so you don’t really see them.  But the fact that there are CONWAY garters on my thousand-dollar masterpiece, well, that will be our little secret.

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  1. Honestly…this is better than all of the fashion reality shows out there right now. Thanks for doing this. My daughter wants to go into fashion design, and I am not sure it’s a good direction to go into for a career, but she has to follow her heart and her passion. Best to you…following to the end! cj

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you Christi! This blog has been a great outlet for all the stresses that come with making a senior collection! I wish your daughter the best! As long as she is truly dedicated to this world, she will succeed!

  3. Hello Christi, I just love the classy look of the lingerie piece. I think the garter detail add vintage feel to it.

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