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This weekend has been fun………..(insert sarcastic tone here)

Monday the 7th, my professor told our class that this coming Monday (the 14th) we will have a fit model come in to fit our first garments. Everyone in the class looked at each other and exhaled a stressful sigh. I don’t think anyone was remotely ready for what our professor had to say. I am posting a video of the “Low Down”- or what we have to get done/should have done already. Although she is right, this is when reality hit.

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Friday night: dinner with friends, classroom until midnight.

Saturday: buy cotton fabric, half day in the classroom finishing patterns, rest of the day at home doing homework. (Finished basting my first garment and ready to be fitted on Monday!!!)

Sunday: other homework and buying groceries…it is about time I eat something remotely healthy.

Besides fashion, I love to eat, I love to be creative with food and eat healthy as often as I can. The highlight of my weekend was going grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I spent about an hour and a half looking around and getting the things I “needed”, including vitamins, bringing my bill to $120. Pshhh…being healthy is expensive! Anyways, for dinner, I made what I would call a half burger. Ezekiel bread toasted, a little mustard, burger (gorgonzola and sun dried tomatoes mixed in the beef), sautéed onions, spinach and mushrooms to top it off. It was delicious!!! Then I made gluten free brownies for dessert and was pleasantly surprised by how yummy they were!

….2 hours later, I recognize how much time I have wasted being obsessed with food and realize it is time to get back to work. My Spanish midterm isn’t going to take itself and either is my U.S. History quiz! Back to studying!!!

Until next time my friends—translated to Spanish?

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  1. Kim says:

    Sounds as if your obsession with food allows you to blend culture into your designs… What a perfect match.

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