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TIRED, I am so tired!  Monday was the fitting for my dress.  You have to show up one hour before your fitting time, then you sit and wait.  You could feel the  tension in the waiting room.  There was drama from missing models, wrong shoes sizes, to OMG I have to take my dress in how many inches?  I luckily have a great model.  Her name is Tia Shipman.  The dress likes her too and only needed to be taken in about an inch.  We tried on all three shoes and the show producers, well they liked the middle ones, with the ruffle.  Once again its out of my hands.  The whole process was short and sweet, in out get her fit.

Fitting the model in my dress

Fitting the model in my dress

Then I lost it!  The stress of working on the collection, the fitting and then relizing that the rest of my classes still have tons of work to be done.  I kind of just zoned out.  The hard part seemed over but there was still alot to do this week.  I was intrigued by why my model looked familiar.  So I googled!  She was a model on project runway multiple seasons and she won season 5 with Leanne Marshall.  This really upped my outlook.  I still cant believe this is all happening.  Its very surreal that this is the last month as a student and Im in the BFA show!

Tia's comp card

Tia's comp card

Dress ready for drop off

Dress ready for drop off

Wednesday I worked on the corrections to the dress in class, went to intern and then worked on the dress back at school for another 5 hours!!!  I adjusted the zipper, finished the french lining, hand sewed on more petals.  So now there are 4 yrds of petals on that dress.  Oh and sprayed the hell out of that thing with static guard.  Labeled the shoes, bag and tried to put a freshly presses dress in its new bag.

Thursday morning 9am, dress in bag, I went to drop off my show piece.  The huge sigh of relief that I got from turning in the finished dress was amazing.  I cant imagine what to expect from my emotions on Monday.

Check list: Dress in the bag and turned in, check.  Shoes for the show, check. Tickets to the show, check.  Moral support and representation for the show, check.  Now the real question, WHAT TO WEAR TO THE SHOW?




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  1. Kate says:

    Nasya I’m so excited for you! This is awesome! I wish I could be there!

  2. Nasya says:

    I wish you could be there too!

  3. Suset says:

    hey, so I LOVE reading this blog, and I actually saw your dress posted up on Jezebel’s website :)


  4. Nasya says:

    Thank you so much!!! I found the post on your site actually and really appreciate it. My man loves your site and turned me on to it. Stay tuned the birth of a graduation dress is to follow!

  5. Suset says:

    wait, what?

    jezebel or my tumblr? lol

  6. Nasya says:

    Lol on the Jezebel site and your tumbler

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