The Cape Saga Pt. III: Equal Opportunity Fabricator

April 14, 2010 | By | Reply More

Ah Sportswear! My favorite thing about it is that it’s the “all-inclusive” specialization.  Wouldn’t  you agree? You can incorporate a bit of every other track, style-, technique-, construction- and fabrication-wise…and you’d better believe I take full advantage of this fact. Case in point: We last left off with my ongoing battle with chiffon (may it forever burn in a fiery, fiery fabric hell).  Now then, the two layers of chiffon really serve as a lining for the cape, as well as to add comfort and visual interest. The shell fabric of the cape is none other than this crazy-looking knit!  It’s got a nice open weave so surprise–you’ll be seeing the chiffon peaking through!


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