yarn deliveries, the daily commute and Cotton Inc.

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my initial design (#1).

So here we have a little update on my actual design and what I’ve been working on.  Well this is my first look… my “show piece” I guess you would say.  My second look (while I of course would want it to get in the show as well) is my Cotton Inc. garment, which means for knitwear students that the majority of each piece has to be made of cotton, but because we are creating the fabric, we can do a two/3 etc ply as long as it’s vastly made up of cotton.

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yarn selection.

This is the colour card I chose from to order my Superfine Merino yarn (from Jaggerspun)… the ones circled are the ones I am using.  They knit up SO gorgeously… I couldn’t be happier about these purchases.

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the daily commute.

This is me nearly every day making my morning/evening commute too-and-from Brooklyn.  I seriously look like a bag lady and have to watch that I won’t gauge someone’s eye out with my hip curve ruler or prick someone with a pin coming through one of my various bags.

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cotton yarn delivery.

jade green mercerized cotton yarn.

Yay!  I’m super excited, I just received my shipment of my mercerized cotton yarns from UKI on Friday.  I’m really excited to get going on my second (Cotton Inc.) outfit.  I’ll update soon about what that look is all about.

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Chi Chi models my jacquard fabric.

Here’s my jacquard fabric you saw on my last post as I was knitting it out.  My roommate’s framed drag queen portrait (she named her Chi Chi) is displaying it fabulously.

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design submission.

I submitted this last week for the judges to see… It had to show the front and back of my look and all my fabric swatches.  And BTW, that piece of plastic is intentional — I’m using vinyl as inserts in my moto jacket!

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