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This week has been just about been……well lets say full of hiccups.  We are approaching spring break quicker then expected and I, over ambitiously of course, have planned on having all 3 dresses, 90% done by Thursday the 25th.  The judging is not till the April 12th but if there is one thing always plan for the unexpected, ie: midterms, migraines, illness, fabric shortage, snow storms, coffee spills and the occasional melt down.

Last weekend I managed to drape, cutout and sew together the bodies of dress 2 and 3.  I try to work fast and efficiently, so that big dents are made. When I was planning my dress for the cotton competition I purchased 5 yards of white cotton, thinking I would dye it eggplant.  When noted that was not as easy as predicted, I moved onto lets dye it black.  Apparently me and dying dark colors, not working out so well, even though I have had success in the past with light colors.  That being said, now I need more fabric.

In my state of exhaustion, I counted out the yards and relized I was short to begin with by 15 YARDS.  Sort of forgot a few things. Yes that is right, I was not in need of 20 yards of cotton.  $260 later I managed to get my goods.  Lesson #2, take the amount of fabric that you think you will need and double that.  Oh but double check that you counted all the pieces you need it for.

Also, on monday the critic looked and dress 3, suggested that the entire fabric manipulation that I am going do on the skirt was to “moppy” and I should just use feathers.  Well this is perplexing.  What to do?  The point of the design was to make something that was interesting and cost effective.  After my cotton debacle, the best thing for me is to proceed.  Hope for the best and stand true to my design!  Lesson#3, take comments, criticism, and your own standards in making design decisions.  Everything is with a grain of salt.

Enter weekend, two workdays of 8am-2am, to see if I can finish my  GAME PLAN!


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  1. Norma says:

    Isn’t “moppy” EVER good??? :P

  2. Kathy says:

    Like, Wow! I am always impressed, Nasya!

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