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For my senior thesis, the theme is loosely based off the idea of Alice in wonderland and the transformation of her character.  Similar to the metamorphosis of myself over the past 5 1/2 years at school.  For special occasion, our assignment was to put together a cohesive collection of three eveningwear ensembles (2 that are to be judged for the show). There is our critic (Sergio Guadarrama) and our professor who offer their opinion and guidance through the process.  We all came to the first day of class with 12 sketches, fabric swatches and narrowed the ideas all down to 3.  Then the rat race called “you have less then 30 days a dress to produce these pieces” started.  The process is as roughly as follows: sketch, source fabric/trims, drape the garment in muslin, fit, make pattern pieces, cut into fabric, baste all the pieces together, sew, fit, embellish, and fit again.  Don’t forget there are understructures to think about so the dress will stay on, there are finishing’s, like linings and hems to consider, oh and to make sure that the end product fits beautifully and is effortless looking.  This is the start of my senior collection.

At this point we are already 41 day in and 29 more days left till the critics judging.  Dress 1 for me is 90% done.  I need to add more petals and make the piallettes more organic, coming under the belt on to the petals. Not sure if I should add the fur either.  I have moved on to Dress 2 this week, but that is for a later post.  The process for Dress 1 went fairly smoothly, sans the fact that I tried dyeing to get the exact color of eggplant I wanted. I epically failed at achieving the color and wound up buying new fabric.  Lesson one, there are more shades to a color then what they give you in the 96 box of Crayola.

Check out the pictures. I am welcome to comments and suggestions.  Design is all about the eye of the beholder.


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  1. Yissel says:

    How are you so far ahead?!?! Woman, you are a gangsta. ;-)

  2. Nasya says:

    Thanks Yissel! I may seem far ahead, but I worked super fast at the beginning so that I could manage to get all 3 dresses done for the judging. We will see how this all turns out right, may have been over ambitions.

  3. carol says:

    I like your work!The embellishment and the feather just match pefectly!May you good luck!

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