Trip to Shima Seki

I know its been ages since I have posted anything but things have been a little chaotic around here well with finals and everything!  I am just now posting about our amazing trip to Shima Seki (an electronic knitting company from Japan that is based in Milan).  We took this trip before the holidays but I still think that it is valid to post about because it was so incredibly inspiring!

The meeting room at the Shima Seki headquarters.
Amazing knit ties!!

These machines are able to produce some of the most amazing knit stitches!

Kourtney examining a knit dress.

Shima Seki machines have the capabilities of knitting whole garment style.  This means that the machine is able to knit an entire garments seams and all!

Knit, Knit, Knit

An amazing 3D stitch

The Shima computer technology is incredible and is able to duplicate stitches and yarns in an incredibly real way.  Can you tell which of these is real and which one is printed?
It was a great trip that got all of our knitwear brains churning with new ideas and possibilities!

Il mio returno a Milano

As I am sure all of you have heard by now, I am back in Milan for yet another year!  I enjoyed my experience here so much that I was not ready to say Arrivederci.  Sydney, Kourtney, and I (the three  returning knitwear students) along with the help of Lisa our program director were able to get the 4th year knitwear program up and running for the first time ever in Milan.  I am so happy to be back and cannot wait to see what the year has in store:)

Opening the door to my new apartment located on Ripa di Porta Ticinese (aka the canal).  This year I moved a whole two buildings over from my apartment last year.  I am living in an adorable apartment with two Italian girls (Margharita e Chiara).  They are both studying at Universita Cattolica in Milano. 

The walk from the train station at Porta Genova to my apartment. 

This is the breathtaking view from my new apartment.  I am lucky enough to have a window overlooking the bellisima canal!

The view when you step out from my front door.  Che bella!

Margharita and I all dressed up for a nice Japanese dinner at the restaurant where she works.

The amazing sushi dinner we had at Margharita's restaurant Kiyo. Amazing food! I am taking everyone and anyone that comes to visit me this year:)

Sydney, Margharita, and I at the restaurant.

My other roommate Chiara and our friend helping me attempt to build a desk from IKEA!  This was a first and hopefully a last.

The finished project:) I am quite proud of us.  It turned out great!

The beautiful campus of Universita Cattolica.

Sydeny and I took a day trip last Saturday to the beautiful town of Sirmione (about an hour and a half outside of Milano) where we spent the day walking around the ancient castle and lounging on a dock at Lago di Garda.  The following pictures are from that day... I will let them speak for themselves:)

6th Semester Finals finished at last!

This past week and a half I feel as if I have been running a never ending marathon beginning with a week of finals followed by a weekend of packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye and finishing with 20 hours of travel! All of that being said, I wouldn't take back a single minute of it.  I am currently sitting on my deck looking out at lake Michigan and trying to fight my jet lag.  I am finally able to take a breath and show you all what I have been working so hard on this past semester.  Enjoy:)

This is a photo of all of the term garments from the 6th semester knitwear class!

This is my Chanel project.  For our term garment in one of my knitwear  classes we were asked to design two garments inspired by Chanel.  The red knit romper is inspired by the knit swimsuits of the 20's and the knit jacket is made in the style of a bomber jacket using tubulare and ottoman stitches. 

The back view of my romper.

This dress is designed as a part of my Spring/Summer 2013 collection Rayas inspired by South American art for my Spring semester portfolio class. 

The back view of my striped dress.  I knit the fabric for this dress on the 10 gauge Dubied Machine using cotton and wool yarns. 

The two looks together.

The following photos are taken of my Spring semester portfolio.  A spring/summer 2013 collection called Rayas.  These are the inspirational images for my collection. 

These three looks are the garments that i made in my knitwear classes.  Look familiar?

The technical knitwear stitch information for my red romper

Two looks from my collection with technical sketches and knit swatches.

More looks from my collection.

The final page of my portfolio showing all 20 looks of my collection together.

A photo of some of the girls at our going away party.

The knitwear group with our amazing fashion art professor, Professor Field

The knitwear group again with some of our other incredible knitwear professors.

They surprised us with Politecnico (the university we go to in Milan) shirts to sign for eachother!

4th Year Fashion Show- ARMONIE

A couple of weeks ago the five 4th year students at FIT in Milan presented their senior collections!  They put on an incredibly beautiful show at a small church in Milan.  Their collections were cohesive, innovative, and beyond impressive. Here are a couple of shots from the show.  

Meghans children's wear collection inspired by Ireland.

Jolie's collection about the progression of innocence. The chiffon square pieces that make up this dress were all printed with sketches drawn by Jolie.

One of my professors Benedetta Barzini (an incredible vogue model from the 60's) wearing one of Jolie's stunning clean looks. 

Luciana Grimaldi's collection Black Tie Optional

Another beautiful look with neoprene from Luciana

Luciana Grimaldi Black Tie Optional

All of Luciana's looks together

Jackii Ramis's collection Crunch

Hand designed prints from Jackii's Collection

Another breathtaking look from Jackii's Collection inspired by beetles

A look from Mari McNeil's collection TRANSIENCE AESTHETIC JOURNEY

Another from Mari's

Such a beautiful chiffon backless dress form Mari

Sydney, me, and Kaiya outside the show!

Catch Up Session

 So, seeing as I have been just awful at keeping up with my blog this past month, I thought I owed it to everyone to do a general recap of April and May...  Get ready for a picture overload!

Photo from the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milan during the Salone Di Mobile, and international design market that takes place in Milan every year.  Furniture stores and galleries show present the most innovative ideas in furniture and interior design all around the city. 

Another room in the Rossana Orlandi space during Salone Di Mobile.

One of hundreds of displays along Via Turino during the Salone.

A nice shot of our apartment building on a beautiful sunny Saturday!

I took a trip to see my best friends Marley Caitrin and Katie in Seville Spain!

I was lucky enough to be in Seville during their week long festival called Ferria where they dress up in traditional Spanish flamenco dresses and celebrate their culture and history with a big carnival and lots of parties. 

Caitrin and I at the festival.

A real Spanish Churro! mmmmmm

The Wisconsin Gang!

In Spain we took a day trip to Rhonda to go climbing and exploring.

The famous Puente Nuevo in Rhonda.

Hiking down to the waterfalls. 

The famous Plaza de Espana in Seville. Absolutely stunning.

After returning from Spain Sydney and I had some visitors. Sydneys brother and Caitrin came to Milan and we took a weekend trip to Cinque Terre.

Watching the sunset over the Mediterranean.

Just climbing some rocks.  We were much better at this the second time around.

Look famliar? Sydney and I took the same photo our first trip to Cinque Terre in September right before the awful floods and landslides. 

Home sweet home.  They have put docks out on the canal which is obviously our new favorite spot to hang out with a bottle of wine in the evenings.