About the Bloggers

Fall 2012

Ciao a tutti! My name is Alexis and I am fourth year Fashion Design student, specializing in childrenswear in the wonderful city of Milano. I am also minoring in History of Art and Italian. This is my second year in the Milan program; I’ve enjoyed my time here so much I couldn’t bear the thought of saying arrivederci just yet!

I was born and raised on Long Island and grew up always escaping to Manhattan on my weekends. I enjoy traveling; I’ve been able to see a lot of spectacular cities in Europe over the course of my time here and I plan to continue to my travels abroad.

I decided to specialize in childrenswear because I really admire the imaginative minds of children. They are never afraid to be a bit silly and stand out of the crowd. I wish adults were more like that. I will do my best to share everything that the city of Milano has to offer. Benvenuto to my adventures of this upcoming year!

My name is Anne. I am starting my third year at FIT studying Fashion Design. I spent the previous school year studying abroad experiencing the life and culture of Florence, Italy, and taking inspiration from the many artists who left their mark on the renaissance city. I learned so much from wonderful people I met in my travels, and amazing classmates who became my family for the year. I discovered my love for cooking and realized the importance of staying connected to world issues and news. Studying abroad changed my life by broadening my perspective of the world and teaching me to keep an open heart and mind. I could not pass up another chance to study abroad, so this year I’m moving north of Florence to the fashion capital of the Italy: Milan. I am so excited to be sharing my experiences with you throughout the year and hope you enjoy my posts.

My name is Catherine and I am a 4th year fashion design student studying at FIT in Milan. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have been aspiring to be a fashion designer since I took my first sewing class when I was 10. I spent my 3rd year in Milan studying with FIT’s program at the Politecnico Di Milano and had such an incredible time that I decided to stay for my 4th year! Last year I chose to specialize in knitwear and I cannot wait to begin my senior knitwear collection with all of the wonderful research tools and resources that Milan has to offer. I have fallen in love with Italy and cannot wait to return to the wonderful culture, history, and food that make it so unique.

My name is Daniel and I am a third year Fashion Design student. I originally hail from Los Angeles, but once I was done with the sunshine I moved to New York to further my education in fashion design. This is my first year studying abroad and at the Politecnico di Milano, and I am so excited about this upcoming year! I love to travel and I’m always in search of great style, good food, and of course: the perfect pair of alligator shoes–I’m taking you all with me! My goal is to share as much of this experience with you as I possibly can and I hope you enjoy my posts exploring this wondrous place. Here’s to wanderlust, Italy, and a love of fashion!

My name is Carol and my hometown is Orlando.  I was raised by a single mother and I’m the youngest of four kids. I always found myself to be very creative in school and was usually the only student eager to receive projects instead of than writing papers. I was a Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Agent in Florida, but never felt it was my calling. In my later younger years, I realized that no job was worth doing unless you really enjoy it. So I began researching fashion schools and long story short, I was New York-bound.  Having been accepted into the 1-year program at FIT, I somehow survived having never sewn a day in my life. Exhausted but triumphant, I graduated Magna Cum Laude and now I’m in my 3rd year. I expect to continue on the path of success while experiencing all life has to offer along the way. I look forward to blogging for you this year in Milan and hope you enjoy the world through my eyes.