Vote for my Collection on MUUSE x VOGUE TALENTS

I know its been a while since I have posted last….however in all of the chaos of the senior fashion show, graduation, my internship, and moving back to the US , my blog was inevitably neglected.  I have finally found a couple of minutes to catch you all up on the past 2 months of my life!

First things first, I recently applied and was accepted to a competition with MUUSE x Vogue Talents.  The competition is called the Young Vision Award and is sponsored by MUUSE and Vogue.  If I get enough votes I could qualify to win a spread in Vogue and have the opportunity to have my collection produced and sold through MUUSE.   Please check out my senior thesis knitwear collection titled THE FRACTAL FACE OF CHAOS and vote:)  You can vote either through facebook or by using your email.  Feel free to spread the word to anyone and everyone that you know!  Any and all votes are appreciated!!!!!!!

Grazie Mille!

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 1.11.12 PM!vogue2013/313-catherine-quirk

^ click on the link above to view and vote! ^

 At the end of May all of the FIT MILAN 4th year students finished our senior thesis collections and presented them in a Fashion Show.  All of our family and friends were able to come and view everything that we have been working so hard on all year long.  The video is still in the process of being edited but I will post is as soon as it is ready so that you all can view the whole show.  It was an amazing end and tribute to our 4 years of hard work.  Below are images from the show of my 4 looks.

All of my looks were knit on ShimaSeki machines in 100% mercerized cotton donated by Filoscozia.  All of the color in my collection I dyed myself.  I developed and produced the print on the leggings.  If you have been following my other blog posts you may be familiar with a lot of these pieces.



 check out the entire fashion show on VOGUE.IT >> click here

After graduation I had an incredible internship at a knitwear studio in Milan, Isabella Francese also known as IF Design Studio.  It was an incredible experience where I was able to design stitches and sweaters for some of the most high end brands in Italy.

I am back in the United States now heading out to NYC next week in search of a job.  I will be sure to keep you all posted in the days/weeks to come!