Trip to Pitti Filati

Last week I had the privilege of going to Pitti Filati a knitwear trade show in Florence.  All of the big yarn companies were displaying their new collections for Spring 2013.  The big yarn and knit trends that I noticed while walking around the trade show were:

Bright Colors

Trend Display Spring 2013 Color Card Spring 2012

Metallic and Sparkly Yarns

Puckers and 3D Stitches

Sydney, Kourtney, and I (the three 4th year knitwear students) were given the opportunity to create a mini collection to help with the re-branding of a Cotton yarn company called FiloScozia.  We helped in the production of these garments and they are going to be presented at Premiere Vision in Paris in February.  One of each of our looks was also presented at the Filmar booth at Pitti Filati!  Enjoy some photos of my looks at the trade show…

blog4 blog2

Trip to Shima Seki

I know its been ages since I have posted anything but things have been a little chaotic around here well with finals and everything!  I am just now posting about our amazing trip to Shima Seki (an electronic knitting company from Japan that is based in Milan).  We took this trip before the holidays but I still think that it is valid to post about because it was so incredibly inspiring!

The meeting room at the Shima Seki headquarters.
Amazing knit ties!!

These machines are able to produce some of the most amazing knit stitches!

Kourtney examining a knit dress.

Shima Seki machines have the capabilities of knitting whole garment style.  This means that the machine is able to knit an entire garments seams and all!

Knit, Knit, Knit

An amazing 3D stitch

The Shima computer technology is incredible and is able to duplicate stitches and yarns in an incredibly real way.  Can you tell which of these is real and which one is printed?
It was a great trip that got all of our knitwear brains churning with new ideas and possibilities!