Electronic knitting on the Shima Seika machines

As part of the 4th year knitwear program curriculum we must take a class on electronic knitting.  Today, almost all of industrial manufactured knits are done on electronic machines.  I new york they have a Stoll electronic machine while here in Milan we are working with a Japanese brand Shima Seika.  They are essentially the same in that they are both brilliantly designed to create just about any stitch.  The Politecnico di Milano does not own one of these machines so I have the privilege to learn at a private studio in Milan.  It has been an incredible experience so far.  Here are some pictures to show you everything that i have learned so far!
A picture of the 5 gauge ShimaSeika machine.

The very dated Shima computer that we use to create the knit stitches that will be produced on the machines. 

The following are some pointelle stitches done on the 5 gauge electronic machine.

Kourtney analyzing a stitch.

An image of what a aran stitch looks like when it is in codes on the computer.  The colors each refer to a different type of stitch or needle transfer.  There are hundreds so it can get a bit confusing at times.

Aran stitch with links inside.

Sydney organizing her work in the studio.

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