Biella/Torino/Casa Zegna

What I love about studying in Europe are the fieldtrips we get to go on. How many American students can say that went somewhere in Italy for a week with school? We get a lot of awesome opportunities, especially when companies are kind enough to open their factory doors to let us have a peek inside.

We learn about the design process, but when seeing it actually put into reality with your own eyes, it’s cool. A few weeks ago my program and I went to Torino and Biella for a week, both in the region of Piemonte. Biella is in the countryside and Torino is a city. Both are smaller than Milano, quaint and intimate. They were both a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Milano.

My personal favorite visit we did was at “Casa Zegna”, which is the company that produces and designs the Italian men’s company Ermenegildo Zegna. The “casa” aka house is in the city of Trivero, which is in the province of Biella. The entire land was once the family’s home, now converted into an archive type of museum.  They are extremely proud of their products, and the quality of wool they produce.

It was interesting to hear how they begin to design the collection for Ermenegildo Zegna, and this type of treatment they do to the suits to make them water and stain resistant. The design even poured ketchup, soy sauce, and highlighter to prove his point!  It makes a huge difference when the quality of a garment is not only high, but also well developed in terms of concept. The Zegna family is extremely innovative in that sense, as well as helping the area of Trivero.  They have created tons of jobs with this concept of “Casa Zegna”, and trying to enhance the agriculture in the mountains of the area. They are concerned with their product, as well as helping the area of their origin. Here are some photos.. 

Yes, this was once the Zegna family's home!

100% wool straight from the sheep

Fabrics for the next collection

They create a sample fabric of the same print in different colors to decide

Color stories of past collections

I want it!

The hallway leading to the offices

View outside the Casa

Beautiful image from the museum 

Their herds

From the museum 

More garments from the museum 

Exceptionally tailored men's suiting

Their archives 

Upon entering the casa

For more information on Casa Zegna..

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