Viaggio a Biella e Torino

A couple of weeks ago the 4th years took a trip to the towns of Biella and Torino in Northern Italy.  It was an absolutely amazing trip complete with visits to some of the most amazing museums and factories in Italy!
In Torino we went to the Orient Art museum which had 3 stories worth of incredible artifacts from the orient.  It was so inspiring.

We went with our professors to Casa Zenga a wool factory up in the mountains of Biella where we got a tour of the factory.

We also visited the factory of Cerruti a famous cashmere and wool company.

We took a trip to Citta Dellarte an organization founded by Italian artist Pistoletto.  This organization “aims to inspire and produce a responisble change in society though ideas and creative projects.”  While at Citta Dellarte we were able to view exhibitions from the artists involved with the organization and we were also able to attend forums given by artists and architects. 

The following are some images from the amazing city of Torino.

Cinema Museum in Torino

View from the highest point in Torino.

Relaxing with a drink after a long day!

Munching on some of Torinos world famous chocolates:)

Wool Wool and more Wool!

A sneak peek at my sketch book!

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