Clizia Ornato @ WHITE:Milano

It was an inspirational pleasure to speak with Ms. Clizia Ornato at WHITE:Milano.  The exceptional designer displayed two collections at her jewelery booth. The "Lo Voglio" collection
was a gorgeous model of traditional Italian artistry marrying elegant silver filigree to delicate, hand made lace.
The craftsmanship put into each piece is astonishingly beautiful.

"Filigree weaves develop blossoms of bobbin lace: the silk thread continues and complements the silver wire 'architecture' in an endless play of solids and voids, transparency and opacity, sensations of lightness and material strength.
With a leap in time and style, here we see pure tradition contemplating and evolving into a special spot in the universe of luxury and bridal haute-couture, with a piece of jewelry on the
 leading edge of contemporary."       
-Clinzia Ornato
Click here to visit the Clizia Ornato website

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