The First Three Weeks!

Ciao a tutti!!

Hello! This is my first blog entry, I am so excited to share with you what we’ve all been up to in Milano! A lot of things went on, like applying for PDS and the Codice Fiscale, and starting Italian courses, but here are some highlights from our adventures in Italia!

On our first day in this new place, we went on a tour of the city with Professor Feuerherm. We were introduce to the Milanese breakfast of champions: Brioche e Cappuccino (it’s to die for by the way, no matter where you go!) After we fueled up for the day, we headed to a knitwear exhibition by The Woolmark Company, here were my two favorite looks:

The look to the left is fuchsia jumpsuit and hat and the look to the right is a red evening gown, two looks you wouldn’t think could be made with knits!

Of course, you can’t be in Milano and not talk about fashion. Luckily enough we were in town for Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out (FNO). It’s where the shopping centers, designers, and boutiques come alive for the kick off of the Spring/Summer shows before they start in New York. Well, in Milan there was a lot of happenings to explore!

The crowd that was filling the street on Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, right before Piazza del Duomo.

A picture I took in Piazza del Duomo, before I started heading down the street to see what the events were like in luxury designer stores. What a flood of people! There was so much energy!

One of the perks of FNO is that designers give away free stuff, like this bag from Diesel!

After these festivities we started our Italian language courses at Politecnico di Milano. We basically have to take Italian II in a matter of a couple weeks. In between the stress of class, finding an apartment and adjusting to a new city, we enjoyed our FITSA trips to Cinque Terre and Lago di Como. These places are so beautiful and amazing, I’m only going to post the photos because words aren’t enough!

The beach at our first stop in Cinque Terre. This is where we all enjoyed some tanning and swimming. The weather that day was perfect!

Our next stop, all the boats in the harbor. The water is the kind of blue you can’t describe without being there!

More of the building in Cinque Terre, the colors that are on display in this place are seriously unreal!

A view of the houses in the hillside of Lake Como. This was taken on our boat ride to the villa that we visited about an hour later

Lake view of the villa. You think it’s beautiful from this shot, you should have seen the interior, outfitted with memorabilia, ancient artifacts and secret passageways!

Well, that’s all for now! I have a lot of pictures to share with everyone, but I think I’ll save them for a photo journal (which should happen in the next couple days). So enjoy these until then! Alla prossima! – Daniel

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