6th Semester Finals finished at last!

This past week and a half I feel as if I have been running a never ending marathon beginning with a week of finals followed by a weekend of packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye and finishing with 20 hours of travel! All of that being said, I wouldn’t take back a single minute of it.  I am currently sitting on my deck looking out at lake Michigan and trying to fight my jet lag.  I am finally able to take a breath and show you all what I have been working so hard on this past semester.  Enjoy:)

This is a photo of all of the term garments from the 6th semester knitwear class!

This is my Chanel project.  For our term garment in one of my knitwear  classes we were asked to design two garments inspired by Chanel.  The red knit romper is inspired by the knit swimsuits of the 20′s and the knit jacket is made in the style of a bomber jacket using tubulare and ottoman stitches. 

The back view of my romper.

This dress is designed as a part of my Spring/Summer 2013 collection Rayas inspired by South American art for my Spring semester portfolio class. 

The back view of my striped dress.  I knit the fabric for this dress on the 10 gauge Dubied Machine using cotton and wool yarns. 

The two looks together.

The following photos are taken of my Spring semester portfolio.  A spring/summer 2013 collection called Rayas.  These are the inspirational images for my collection. 

These three looks are the garments that i made in my knitwear classes.  Look familiar?

The technical knitwear stitch information for my red romper

Two looks from my collection with technical sketches and knit swatches.

More looks from my collection.

The final page of my portfolio showing all 20 looks of my collection together.

A photo of some of the girls at our going away party.

The knitwear group with our amazing fashion art professor, Professor Field

The knitwear group again with some of our other incredible knitwear professors.

They surprised us with Politecnico (the university we go to in Milan) shirts to sign for eachother!

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