Catch Up Session

 So, seeing as I have been just awful at keeping up with my blog this past month, I thought I owed it to everyone to do a general recap of April and May...  Get ready for a picture overload!

Photo from the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milan during the Salone Di Mobile, and international design market that takes place in Milan every year.  Furniture stores and galleries show present the most innovative ideas in furniture and interior design all around the city. 

Another room in the Rossana Orlandi space during Salone Di Mobile.

One of hundreds of displays along Via Turino during the Salone.

A nice shot of our apartment building on a beautiful sunny Saturday!

I took a trip to see my best friends Marley Caitrin and Katie in Seville Spain!

I was lucky enough to be in Seville during their week long festival called Ferria where they dress up in traditional Spanish flamenco dresses and celebrate their culture and history with a big carnival and lots of parties. 

Caitrin and I at the festival.

A real Spanish Churro! mmmmmm

The Wisconsin Gang!

In Spain we took a day trip to Rhonda to go climbing and exploring.

The famous Puente Nuevo in Rhonda.

Hiking down to the waterfalls. 

The famous Plaza de Espana in Seville. Absolutely stunning.

After returning from Spain Sydney and I had some visitors. Sydneys brother and Caitrin came to Milan and we took a weekend trip to Cinque Terre.

Watching the sunset over the Mediterranean.

Just climbing some rocks.  We were much better at this the second time around.

Look famliar? Sydney and I took the same photo our first trip to Cinque Terre in September right before the awful floods and landslides. 

Home sweet home.  They have put docks out on the canal which is obviously our new favorite spot to hang out with a bottle of wine in the evenings. 

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