Pasqua in Roma

I spent the past four days in the incredible city of Rome for holy week and let me tell you it was an experience I will never forget!  Rome is the oldest and most beautiful city I have been to this far.  Walking around the city felt like I literally stepped into a history book or the movie set of gladiator.  I went to visit my best friend Amanda who is studying there and she showed me all of the sites and gave me the scoop on the amazing ancient city.  I am planning on going back before I leave because Rome is a city that is so vast and magnificent one needs to spend more than just a couple of days there if possible.  We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than rambling on here I will let you see for yourself!

the pantheon

Drinking wine on the famous Spanish Steps.

A fort that I cannot remember the name of! opps

The stunning  Tiber river

Amanda and her friends refer to this monument as "the birthday cake" because history tells that it was built and given as a birthday gift to an Emperor in Rome.

Ruins from the center of ancient Rome

Snap shot in front of the Colosseum

Amanda and I in front of the Colosseum

There are natural fresh springs all around Rome that double as wonderful drinking fountains and water bottle fill stations!

Trevi Fountain

Alyssa and I throwing a coin into the fountain to make our wish come true!

Out on the town with Amandas friends

The beautiful streets of Trasevere, one of the most beautiful and fun areas of Rome

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