Off to London

The day after my family left I headed to London for 2 short days.  I bet this is no surprise to any of you, but I absolutely LOVED the city (minus the fact that it was the most expensive city i have ever been to!)  The street style in London was so fresh and creative.  I got such a good feeling walking around the city.  Because I was only in London for a short time, I decided to try and experience as much of the 'real' city as I could, rather than all of the touristy sights.  When I arrived i went to dinner with my good friends Katie and Ariana who are currently living in London and they gave me the scoop on all of the cool places to go.  While in London I wandered through the vintage shops at Brick Lane, went to the National Gallery and Tate Modern museums, and spent way to much time at the TOPSHOP flagship store!  I was sad to go having seen so little of London but I know that I will be back again (hopefully sooner rather than later!)  

Trafalgar Square

The lighting was so cool at night it looked fake.

My friend Yoshi and I at the famous square.

Double Decker Bus!!

The square again in the morning.

Sights along the Thames River

London Eye

Graffiti skate park.

Instillation piece at the Tate Modern Museum

The Quirk Family in Italy!

I returned from Munich and Paris to find my Mom, Dad, and Lauren waiting for me outside my apartment! I was so lucky to have them here in Italy for a whole week!! We wandered around snow covered Milan for a couple of days and then headed south to Florence and Venice.  We had a great time filled with obscene amounts of churches, leather, and pizza!

Dad and Lauren inside the Duomo di Milano

Lauren, my mom and I in front of the Castello (Castle)

Beautiful picture of my mom and dad in front of the fountain and castle

Lauren taking beautiful photos to develop in the lab at school

Us in Parco Sempione
The beautiful Duomo in Florence

450 some stairs later...we had this amazing view from the top of the Duomo in Florence. I would say it was worth the hike!

PonteVecchio, Florence

You can't visit Florence without seeing the incredibly famous David

Our new best friend, the leather man!

Lauren outside the Gucci Museum

Off to Venice to see the canals and gondolas!

The epic Muslim and Catholic decorated Duomo of Venice

View from the top of the Bell Tower.. this one had a lift, thank god!

Lauren and I on a bridge in Venice

Back in Milan I got sick so Sydney took the gang to the Triennale Design Museum

Sydney and Lauren 'resting' on the furniture exhibition