Corset Presentation

Our corsets were our final project for out Body Contouring class last semester.  I am posting this now because we just recently had our critique for them.  Seeing as almost the entire corset is hand basted and sewn with special tailoring techniques, we did not finish earlier enough to have the critique before the last class.  I wanted to wait to show you the pictures until i was able to properly photograph them on the dress forms.  Everyone did an amazing job creatively and technically with these corsets!

Yoshi and Michael.  Yoshi is wearing Michael amazing corset inspired by back braces. 

Michael and JinJoo's corsets

Lynn explaining her beautiful red corset with foux leather piping(an incredibly difficult material to sew though). 

Kourtney explaining her stunning corset inspired by the veins and muscles of the body.  She created her own fabric by melting a plastic web fabric to her organza!

Closer up look at Kourtney and Micheal's corsets

Sydney's corset inspired by Japanese art and folding.  She pleated the center panel and created the two adjacent panels by covering the purple raw silk with the navy organza.

Back of Sydney's corset

Bina's menswear inspired corset.

Yoshi's corset

Close up side view of Yoshi's corset made in white denim with hidden piping details.

My corset.  I created the fabric by sandwiching lace in between two layers of organza to give it a more subtle feel. 

Back of my Corset with covered buttons. 

Detail of my corset

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