Goin Back to my Roots!

I know this post is a bit late, but better late than never! Plus, with St. Patrick's day only a week away it is somewhat relevant.  I went straight from London to visit all of my family in Ireland.  I have been to Ireland twice before and I absolutely love it!  I flew into Cork, the second largest city in Ireland only a short drive from the seaport town of Cobh where my relatives live!  My grandma grew up in Cobh and most all of her family still lives there. It was so great seeing all of my relatives and wandering around Cobh.  Cobh is the last town that the titanic left from before heading towards New York and it is the 100th anniversary this year.  There was a really cool exhibit at the actually dock where the ship left from.  After spending a couple of amazing days in Cobh, the O'connors and I went to Limerick to see the Lyons, my other relatives.  This was probably the best trip I have taken so far.  It was nice to relax for once and to be around family.  I hope to get back to Ireland sometime this year if I can! Here are a couple of pictures from the trip....

The cottage where my grandmother grew up with her 7 brothers and sisters!

A photograph of my great grandparents the O'connors

A little blurry but a picture of the all of the gal cousins.

Shipyards in Cobh

Cathedral in Cobh

Beautiful Cobh

Holly, Dani (Jacinta and Dan's girls), and Tia (Gerard and Brid's daughter)

Gerard and Tia

Gerard, Tia, Cian, Brid, Holly, Dan and I!

John and Mary (John is my Grandmothers brother)

Such a fun night!

John and I :)

After spending a couple of days in Cobh we headed to Limerick to see the rest of the relatives, the Lyons.  We ate dinner at this amazing Chinese restaurant. In this picture, John, Maggs, and Angela.

Aoife's husband and daughter Leah and Ciara!  

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