Knitting Pizza Party

Last week FITSA planed a knitting pizza party at Professor Feuerherm's apartment.  We all headed over to her place to hang out, learn new hand knitting stitches and make pizza!  We were working on making knit swatches for "Mettiamoci una pezza" (Lets patch it!).  This is an event that is collecting knit squares and patching them into a quilt to promote the city of L'Aquila after the damaging earthquake in 2009.  The night was a blast!


Michael's incredible hand knit sweater in progress!

Davide is learning to knit!

"creative" pizza cutting

A swatch made for the quilt by Yoshie, Isadora, and Lynn

The wonderful cooks!

Corset Presentation

Our corsets were our final project for out Body Contouring class last semester.  I am posting this now because we just recently had our critique for them.  Seeing as almost the entire corset is hand basted and sewn with special tailoring techniques, we did not finish earlier enough to have the critique before the last class.  I wanted to wait to show you the pictures until i was able to properly photograph them on the dress forms.  Everyone did an amazing job creatively and technically with these corsets!

Yoshi and Michael.  Yoshi is wearing Michael amazing corset inspired by back braces. 

Michael and JinJoo's corsets

Lynn explaining her beautiful red corset with foux leather piping(an incredibly difficult material to sew though). 

Kourtney explaining her stunning corset inspired by the veins and muscles of the body.  She created her own fabric by melting a plastic web fabric to her organza!

Closer up look at Kourtney and Micheal's corsets

Sydney's corset inspired by Japanese art and folding.  She pleated the center panel and created the two adjacent panels by covering the purple raw silk with the navy organza.

Back of Sydney's corset

Bina's menswear inspired corset.

Yoshi's corset

Close up side view of Yoshi's corset made in white denim with hidden piping details.

My corset.  I created the fabric by sandwiching lace in between two layers of organza to give it a more subtle feel. 

Back of my Corset with covered buttons. 

Detail of my corset

Goin Back to my Roots!

I know this post is a bit late, but better late than never! Plus, with St. Patrick's day only a week away it is somewhat relevant.  I went straight from London to visit all of my family in Ireland.  I have been to Ireland twice before and I absolutely love it!  I flew into Cork, the second largest city in Ireland only a short drive from the seaport town of Cobh where my relatives live!  My grandma grew up in Cobh and most all of her family still lives there. It was so great seeing all of my relatives and wandering around Cobh.  Cobh is the last town that the titanic left from before heading towards New York and it is the 100th anniversary this year.  There was a really cool exhibit at the actually dock where the ship left from.  After spending a couple of amazing days in Cobh, the O'connors and I went to Limerick to see the Lyons, my other relatives.  This was probably the best trip I have taken so far.  It was nice to relax for once and to be around family.  I hope to get back to Ireland sometime this year if I can! Here are a couple of pictures from the trip....

The cottage where my grandmother grew up with her 7 brothers and sisters!

A photograph of my great grandparents the O'connors

A little blurry but a picture of the all of the gal cousins.

Shipyards in Cobh

Cathedral in Cobh

Beautiful Cobh

Holly, Dani (Jacinta and Dan's girls), and Tia (Gerard and Brid's daughter)

Gerard and Tia

Gerard, Tia, Cian, Brid, Holly, Dan and I!

John and Mary (John is my Grandmothers brother)

Such a fun night!

John and I :)

After spending a couple of days in Cobh we headed to Limerick to see the rest of the relatives, the Lyons.  We ate dinner at this amazing Chinese restaurant. In this picture, John, Maggs, and Angela.

Aoife's husband and daughter Leah and Ciara!  

Happy International Women’s Day

I have never heard of this wonderful holiday before, however they take it quite seriously here in Milan.  Yesterday was International Women's Day and every street corner was occupied by men selling and passing out the Mimosa Flower.  Its a nice tradition to brighten anyone's day!

Mimosa Flower

Ink and water color drawing i did of the flowers.  (sorry for the bad quality image my camera died and i had to use photo booth!)