Munich, Germany, ISPO-International Sports Business Network

Wow! Quite a bit has changed since the last time I posted.. hectic end of the semester, scrambling to finish all of the work (isn’t it always like that?). But somehow, my classmates and I made it through. Being an FIT design student is always stressful, but this was an entirely new type of stress. Dealing with the stress of moving to a new apartment, dealing with my old crazy landlord, finishing up projects, preparing to go on all of my trips!

Finally, when the semester came to an end, that weekend I was off to Munich and Paris! It was part of an academic trip; one of the main activities we did was go to the ISPO tradeshow in Munich, as it related to this current semester, which I just began yesterday, Activewear and Sportswear! These worlds never seemed particularly interesting to me, I mean I’m a FASHION designer, how could I possibly care about what people wear to ski?

And then after this tradeshow I realized, it’s such an interesting and challenging job to do as a designer because you are not only concerned about the design or the fit, but as well as the sport the consumer will be partaking in. It opened up my eyes to an entirely new world.

Understanding the types of fabrics is crucial, as well understanding different terminology, for example “wicking”. Which refers to the technical fabrics that move sweat away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it is then evaporated. This trade show is held at an old airport, and it’s massive! 

Divided generally but what type of sport in each terminal, and there were a lot of different events that took place. They had built ramps outdoors for skateboarding, people were doing bike tricks as well, proposal of new sports. It was fascinating. Here are some photos.. 

 Getting excited to go in!

  These types of platforms were all around the show, loved the winter and pure theme.

 Some up and coming skiwear.

 How clever is this display? Ski lift inspired. 

 It's all in the details..

 Such an important detail on a ski pant.

 This outfit makes me want to go skiing.

 Up close detail of the jumpsuit's belt and waist pockets. I think it's quite chic. 

 Tony the Tiger meets Skiing...

 I really liked the elbow detail on this sleeve.

 Baby goes skiing! The mittens have strings that attach to the jacket.

 Outdoor tents in between terminals.

Goretex is an important fabric in this industry, and is always advertised if used in a garment. Notice how the zippers are a sealed waterproof type of taping.. crucial for this sport.

 Some fun and games.

People were working out all around!

They did an award show later in the evening.

 Some of my classmates enjoying the free food and music after the show ended.

  Dancing the night away after hours at ISPO!

  Smiles all around. 

On our way back to the hotel at the end of the night, it was cold!

More to come about my winter break trips, Paris next stop! If you'd like to find out more information about the ISPO trade show here are a few links to lead the way.. 

P.S... the garment I'm wearing in the photos from this day I completed knitted the fabric and made! It was my final garment for my Machine Knitting class last semester.

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