End of the Semester: Knitwear

First of all let me say I am sorry for not posting in months! This past month has been a marathon that started with finals and ended with loads of travel allowing no time for messing around on my computer.  So, in the next 2 hours I plan to recap everything that has been going on in my busy life for the past month.  First things first here are some pictures from some of my final projects in my 5th semester of knitwear design. 

My term garment for my machine knitting class.  skirt, sweater, and scarf all knitted by me on the wonderful brother machines. The skirt is a double jersey knit with stripes in a boucle yarn.  The sweater is a plain knit with drop stitches and a 2:2 rib boarder and the scarf is a plain knit with a jacquard pattern designed by me.

Front view of the knitwear garments.

Just a glimpse of my swatch book filled with 30+ swatches that i knit throughout the semester.

Up next is are a couple of pages from my Knitwear Art portfolio.  The entire portfolio was about 45 pages so here are a couple to give you the idea...

Inspirational images for the collection titled Contoured Terrain.

Texture page with swatches both found on the internet as well as machine knit swatches made by me.

These are the images that inspired the color for the collection.  (Sorry! the colors did not turn out great in this photograph)

The last big project that we had was a Corset for our body contour class. We are having a presentation on those next week so I will post pictures of mine after the presentation:)

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