Appartamento Ricerca/Apartment Searching

Okkk, this is a touchy, and quite interesting topic in the city of Milano. I was told how I would have to search for an apartment independently once I arrived in the country. I myself have never searched for an apartment in New York, so the thought of doing this in a foreign language and country, nearly scared the shit out of me.

The first three weeks when I first arrived, university still hadn’t begun, as the holiday time is quite here is diverso, different, from that in the United States. But, my program had us take Italian lesson every morning during the week, and we then had free time in the afternoon to apartment search. In the meantime, we all lived in the dormitory of the university.

I wanted an apartment, I wanted to experience not living in a dormitory under tons of silly rules, and I wasn’t about to just let a language barrier stop me. I made phone calls, looked on tons of different websites, etcera, etcera. I didn’t have any idea what I was doing, I didn’t know the zones of the city very well, it’s impossible to within three weeks! 

Once I asked a landlord, "Quale pianta?" instead of, "Quale piano?", meaning I asked him which plant, when I meant to ask what floor the apartment was on! Hilarious, I know, laugh your ass off, because I definitely did after that silly moment. In my defense, we had watched a scene of a film with Sophia Loren that day in Italian class, and the scene involved plants, ha.

The point is, I ended up taking an apartment not very vicino, close to school, and with an older women, when I had wanted to live with other young students. I should have never doubted myself, I felt rushed, overwhelmed, and I was in “I love everything about Italy” mode. So recently I re-began my apartment search, and it completely sucked. I was about ready to throw in the towel, and I said ok, maybe I should post my own ad and let the people come to me.

And not even within 24 hours, I got tons of emails and phone calls! I have been extremely fortunate this time around, and have met truly nice people, and I have a hard decision now about what apartment I would like to take. They are all a lot closer to school, and with people of my own age. I am mai, never, second-guessing myself again, because at the end of the day my instincts will always be right. You live, you learn, that’s what being young is for, correct? And with that, I am posting a truly beautiful video of Milano entitled Milan Dreaming by Franceso Paciocco, grazie, thank you to my friend Sydney who originally shared it! Enjoy!

P.s. I would love to hear about any interesting apartment searching stories!

Also, check out Francesco's website. There are some other interesting videos, as well as photography.

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