La mia famiglia ha visitato!/My family visited!

La mia mamma e mio fratello, my mother and brother, came to visit me after Natale, Christmas. We did two days in Milano, and then off we went to Firenze. It was actually really enjoyable to be their guida, tour guide; I got to show them what I loved about this city.

Of course, sul primo giorno, on the first day, we did Duomo, walked around La Galleria, had a delicious meal outside. They tried what Milano is famous for in cuisine “Risotto alla Milanese”, they loved it. Tell me, what could be wrong about saffron and risotto?  They loved the atmosphere around Duomo, which surprised me. It’s very touristy and filled with people, but I could understand why the enjoyed it. It's interesting to watch all the different people that walk by.

I took them to the famous store “La Rinascente”, which is the Italian version of Saks Fifth Avenue, Arco della Pace, a beautiful arch in Parco Sempione, Castello Sforzesco (don’t ask me to pronounce that per favore) which is the castle adjacent. And lots and lots of la cucina italiana,  Italian cuisine. Next post will be about Firenze! Here are some photos..

 La Rinascente on the left with lights for the holidays!

 Il Castello
 In the courtyard of Castello Sforzesco

 Mio fratello e io in Parco Sempione! He looks happy, huh? You can see the Castello in the background.

Arco della Pace

For more info about the different places we visited here are some links..

Don't worry they have an English option on the site! Once again, buon anno a tutti! Happy New Year to everyone!

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