Buon anniversario, 4 mesi, a Milano e io!

Wowwww, it's officially been four months since I've lived abroad... I am so happy I opted to stay here for the whole year, because I can't imagine picking up and just leaving after this semester, when I'm finally start to "settle" in.

Milano is starting to feel like casa mia, my home. My home away from home. I feel like I've grown so much as a person from when I first stepped off the plane. I remember staring out the window the entire time on the taxi ride from the airport being so nervous, but so excited. I just wanted my life to start, and now here it is!

I was a nervous-wreck, I never thought I would be able to go around on my own.. the streets all have names of famous poets, artists, historical people. No more avenues and numbers. It was definitely one of those oops "we're not in Kansas anymore" moments.

And guess what? I go around every single day on my own, venture out when I feel like it, go into new shops and try to speak to the locals with my italiano, that definitely needs some polishing. But as they say piano piano.. slowly slowly. People are patient here, something which I never had/still am working on, inhabited naturally from being a New Yorker.

When I begin to speak to someone in Italian, ALWAYS, I begin by saying, "Posso capire, ma parla lentamente, per favore".  Meaning, I understand, but please speak slowly. And they really do, I appreciate it. So here are a few photos from my first day in Milano..
Duomo, La Galleria, Italian version of a food cart (it made me giggle), and a photo inside Duomo.

Buon anno a tutti/Happy New Year to everyone! I will be updating this about the last four months here, and new adventures to come.. it's one of my resolutions!

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