Biennale Art Exhibiotn in Venice

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Venice for the world famous Biennale Art Exhibition!  It is an exhibition that takes place every 2 years showcasing up and coming artists from all around the world.  The Biennale was started in 1894 by the Venetian City Council.  The exhibition is centered in two areas of Venice; the Giardini, which houses pavilions for each country in which that countries art is displayed, as well as the beautiful and old Arsenale, home to large instillation done by up and coming artists.  To say it was breathtaking would be an understatement.  All of the art overwhelmed my senses and was the most inspiring experience I have had in Italy thus far.  On top of all of the wonderful art, Venice itself was inspiring.  It appeared just as quaint and beautiful as I ever imagined.  One day was not enough to take in all of Venice. I will most definitely travel back to explore the city more later in the year. 

Leotard Project- Body Contour

I have not posted in a while because my internet has been acting up and going incredibly slow.  Anyways, a couple of weeks ago we completed our first draping assignment, the leotard.  Our draping class this semester is called body contour and focuses on working with cut and sew jersey knits.  All of the fabric is provided to us by the Politecnico, but it is not always the greatest colors.  For this project we were given pink and purple bi-stretch jersey.  I did not personally love the colors so I took it as an opportunity to experiment with dye!  Here are the results....

A group of our classes Leotards- we had no restrictions on this project and thus were able to be entirely creative!

Everyone's turned out so unique and creative

This is mine.  With the dye I was able to get a beautiful deep purple.

I used corset style detailing to add shape to the leotard.  I used the Zig-Zag stitch to add feminine details.

I also played with ruffles and used a pearl finishing to add extra volume to the ruffles.

This is Yoshi's Leotard.  It was my favorite out of the class! So adorable how she placed the hearts in contrasting colors.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday night Sydney and I threw a Halloween party! Halloween is not celebrated all that much in Italy so we decided to have a party and make sure that everyone had the chance to dress up!  Sydney and I dressed up as Wolf Dress Forms.  It was such a blast. We hope to have a lot more parties in the future:)

Wolf Mannequins

Group Shot

Black Eyed Pea and Sweet Tart