Il mio primo post!

Ciao a tutti!

This is my very first blog and post. Bare with me, using this makes me feel like an 87 year-old woman. In thirteen days I will be in the beautiful city of Milan! Am I totally unprepared: hell yes. But that’s life; I just need to get together my two suitcases and vado (I go)!

Have you ever thought about doing something for a long period of time? Or just continuously put a trip or a dream off because it didn’t feel like the right timing? That is my life, and finally I just decided I needed to go.

I have been to Italy a few times before, only Rome and Sicily, but I instantly fell in love. I know corny, right? Don’t worry, I’ll try not to let this get too Eat, pray, love. I have to say though, Julia Roberts did make gelato look pretty damn good in that movie, the book is better, trust me.

Anyway, I have been to Italy a few times before, and at school I had constantly been hearing about this study abroad opportunity for Milan my entire junior year. Un'anno (a year), I must be crazy right? You know what I think? A semester is too short. Everyone always says you’re only young once, and I want to be young adesso (now).

Me leaving Manhattan for a year, how could I? Everyone and their mother dreams of leaving their homeland to come here with “streets paved of gold”.  I love New York, I’ll always love it, but I need a break! I want to enjoy life more, take an hour for lunch because that’s normal, have a drink at 2 pm because ..perche’ non (why not)? I want to reignite my amore (love) for fashion, and just see the way the other half of the world thinks and lives. I think that’s all for now.


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