Weekend Trip: Swiss Alps!

Hi everyone!! As promised, here are my photos from my weekend getaway to the Swiss Alps! Even though I’m not a fan of cold weather or winter sports.. I’m SO glad that I made the decision to go to Switzerland!! The views were incredible and these photos don’t do justice… every view was truly breath-taking! And serious thanks to Bus2Alps for making this trip so easy!!

{Interlaken, Switzerland}
{interior of Victoria Jungfrau Hotel & Spa}
{what I look like 75% of the time- camera in my face}
{view while taking a hike!}
{top of our hike- incredible view of one of the lakes in Interlaken}
{beautiful view of the town, walking down the trail}

{yummy lunch after hiking!}
{Girls & I literally on top of Europe!! – we were 11,782 ft above sea level @ ice palace!!}
{cute ice penguins}
{ice palace @ Jungfrau}
{leaving the Alps, will def be back!!}

If I hadn’t made the decision to study abroad, I would’ve never had the opportunity to go on these little weekend trips to the most beautiful places in the world!! It’s amazing how easy it is to travel in Europe, and how affordable it is as well! Optional activities in the Swiss Alps included sky diving, canyon jumping, paragliding, hiking, ice skating, going to the top of Europe, and etc.. all of course were an additional cost, but seriously the most incredible activities you could part take in, with the most incredible views. Ever.

Seriously, if you’re the slightest bit interested in studying abroad, I say, do it. It is a huge commitment to make and there are a lot you have to adjust to, but I promise it’ll be the best, life changing experience of your life!

And if you have any specific questions about living/studying abroad, email me!! I am more than willing to help :) – daisyo@gmail.com

Hello Weekend!

I know it’s only Wednesday, but tomorrow is a national holiday in Italy! It’s Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, which I’ve never heard of until this past week, but there’s no complaining when the weekend comes a few days early :) And this holiday is the perfect break from finals! Well for most of us, it just gives us more time to work on our final projects and prepare for exams. Which is exactly what a few of the IFD2 students (2nd yr fashion design), including myself, did today. Can’t say it’s how I prefer to spend my day off, but it’s definitely  relieving to get some work done and out of the way. Especially if you’re planning on going to the Swiss Alps for the next four days!!!! 😀
A few girls and I have planned a trip through Bus2Alps to spend our 4 day weekend in Switzerland! {Bus2Alps is a student traveling agency, that targets specifically towards foreign students, aka us! There are quite a few of these student travel agencies, but Bus2Alps and FlorenceForFun are what I would say the most reliable. Both travel agencies provide great deals for traveling which usually includes transportation, and a place to stay for a great cost! It’s also a great way to socialize and meet other study abroad students apart from those in your school program!}
And now that it’s December,winter sports seem appropriate and wheres a better place than the Swiss Alps!? Okay, I’ve never been, but I’m sure the scenery will be absolutely amazing! & I will definitely share some of my photos when I’m back :)

How we spent our day ‘off’ from school at school:

{Taylor hand stitching all those gathers}
{Brittany getting ready to sew her term garment!}
{Heather fitting her dress! Almost done ;)}
{a work in progress & Honey working hard}
{the bane of our existence till Friday, December 16th}

Cannot wait to see everyone’s finished garments! I know they’ll look amazing with all the talented girls in our class!! Hope everyone has a good rest of the week! And photos to come from Switzerland :)

There’s no place like Venice…

When I stepped on the streets of Venice I looked around expecting to see a little brown brindle cairn terrier, named Toto, appear so I could tell him I didn’t think we were in Florence anymore.  In Venice there isn’t a car in sight and the closest thing to ‘American hospitality’ was a McDonald’s that didn’t have a single picture of the famous golden arches.  Walking the streets of Venice at night is a magical thing. The city becomes nearly deserted, hardly any boats are running and the best thing I heard was… pure silence.  I have yet to find a city that can come close to the majestic allure of Venice.

As a young girl I dreamt of living in the era of corsets, petticoats, powder wigs and handmade lace. I guess you could say I almost lived that dream.  Cannaregio 2590 is home to Nicolao Atelier. From the front it looks like a small everyday costume shop but once through the doors, it turns into a wonderland of Rococo and Baroque decor.

All The Fashion Design Students we taught about 17th – 18th century attire by Stefano Nicolao (the owner and designer) who chose one lucky young student to model a corset and petticoat for us. Mr. Nicolao’s costumes have been seen in Casanova and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few movies and have been in many theatrical performances.  We were able to see his studio and costume inventory.  It seemed like the costumes ran on for miles. As a hopeful future fashion designer, it was better than waking up on Christmas morning to presents under the tree. I could have spent a good day at Nicolao Atelier, but we soon had to rush away from trying on tri-corner hats and masks to go take a trip on a gondola. I would have never been able to see such amazing textiles or costumes if it hadn’t been for The Fashion Institute of Technology’s Study Abroad Program. Thank you F.I.T.