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FIT in Florence

October 21, 2017
by Miyah

Am I Really Here? In Florence, Italy?

Ciao a tutti! I hope life is treating you all very well!

These past two months have gone by pretty quick. I remember running to the Garment District a few hours before my flight to pick up black style tape (heads up FD majors, this is not easy to find in Florence), checking in my luggage with Air Berlin, saying my goodbyes to my Mom, a layover in Dusseldorf, and finally landing in Florence, making my way to the 1950’s American Diner, for a burger and fries of course! Adjusting, culture shock, schoolwork and now, midterms, it hasn’t been so easy living over here, but, every single day it gets better and I try to remain as positive and stress-free as possible – it makes a huge difference.

Sometimes I find myself looking up at the sky or just looking around me saying “Am I really here? Is this real?” Yes Miyah! It is very real and for students coming here for the Spring semester or in the near future, you will have these moments too and then realize it is very real!

Below, three times/moments I had and thought “Am I really here? In Florence?”

1)    “Hours Before Italia” film

I enjoy telling stories, so, I made this mini film, to document the hours before I left for Florence to when I arrived and had a little glimpse of what my environment will look like for the next 8/9 months. I watch this film maybe once a week just to remind myself where I am and how amazing this journey already is and how amazing it will be. Click the link below to check out the mini film!



2)    Stepping foot on Villa Favard

The first time I walked on the Polimoda campus I couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. I think in another life I’m an interior designer, because I LIVE for the interior designs and architecture that Polimoda has. I’ve never a school so exquisite and elegant but in a very organic and discrete way. When I seen the FIT Welcome to Orientation sign as I walked in, I felt right at home.


3) Meeting Polimoda Students

Polimoda students didn’t start their semester until the beginning of October, so it was just us (FIT students and staff) on campus for a couple weeks. Once Polimoda students arrived, the cafes opened, Scandicci Design Lab extended its work hours (YAY FOR FD STUDENTS) and of course, opportunities to meet new friends! New York City is a very diverse place, but in Florence I feel a different level of diversity.

Being on the other side of the world, engaging with many students from different countries, ethnicities, cultures etc from this side of the world is very cool to me. It’s so interesting entering this world where I can connect with others that are very interested and passionate about the fashion industry.


That’s all for now! I hope you all enjoyed my post of the day! More blog post are on the way in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned!

Ciao e Grazie!

Best wishes,

Miyah from FD1


October 7, 2017
by Isabella

Street Art: Florence & Paris

Ciao a tutti!

For my first blog post I wanted to focus on European street style and art, as people watching and visiting museums are two of my favorite things to do.  Fashion and art go hand in hand,  influencing the way we look at the world and how we present ourselves in it.  With this post I wanted to push the boundaries by comparing photos I took this past month of street style in Florence and Paris and compare it to Medieval, Pre-Renaissance, and Renaissance works of art I took at Galleria degli Uffizi and Musée du Louvre.  

People watching and street style is definitely different in Europe than in New York and there are also significant differences between Florence and Paris.  I find in Florence there is more a classic, elegant, feel to the way people dress, and more of a focus on menswear.  People aren’t experimenting with crazy trends, but rather sticking with foolproof basics.  I find that I am drawn to what older people are wearing rather than the younger Florentines.  Paris on the other hand is much more fashion forward, while still having a strong focus on classic pieces.  Here you can see younger Parisians wearing looks which are inspiring the trends as well as older couples casually elegant.  In Paris I saw a nonchalance about their style, a genuine representation of their personality which never comes off as trying too hard.  There is something really effortless about European style.  In Paris, more of an edgy, grittier effortless look, while in Florence it’s a little more clean and traditional.

With such a strong presence of art in both cities and fantastic museums, I wanted to try and show you a glimpse of the street style while taking advantage of all the artwork!  I hope this provides a creative perspective to the daily looks we see on the street, and that you enjoy it.

A presto,


P.S. don’t forget to click each image to see a larger version if you’d like

Stepping into October – New Florentines Share their Beginnings

October 2, 2017 by lisa_harvey | 0 comments

Welcome parents, friends, prospective students, and FIT fans! We are the FIT in Florence Study Abroad Blog here to give you a bit of insight into life in Italy as an FIT student. Over the course of the year our bloggers post about day to day life, events, and their own personal perspective as to what Study Abroad is to them.


Ciao da Firenze! A month into the semester and we are getting ready to start sharing our Florentine memories and inspirations through the FIT blog platform!

Within these first few weeks of getting settled in and into a schedule, I have gotten a taste of Florence and am looking forward to expanding on my experiences so far.  The city’s energy is rich with history, art, and culture, which I am trying to take in and appreciate as much as possible.  One of my professors said “in Florence, always look up,” the architecture is beautiful and filled with details, such as on the roofs, the buildings, and around the windows, etc. and it’s the little things like this which I have been appreciating so far about the city.

The sound of coffee cups clinking against saucers as you walk by cafes, the smell of warm pastries, bread, and focaccia floating through the air with the sound of Italian rolling off the tongues of people enjoying the late summer/early fall days…..  These are a few of my favorite things and I look forward to seeing what else this semester has to offer with FIT in Florence. 🙂



Ciao! It’s Miyah! It’s almost Week 7 that I’ve been living in Florence, Italy! It has truly been great and challenging at the same time, these past few weeks. Although I am still adjusting and getting used to this new life, I wouldn’t trade this chapter of my life for ANYTHING else. I am also super excited for the FIT blog to start!

I wanted to approach my point of view on studying abroad in Florence in a different way for this first introduction post, by sharing my Top 3 Moments/Highlights (for the sake of time)!

  • Siena and San Gimignano
    A hot summer day spent in the steep streets of Siena and San Gimignano, is a day well spent! I loved the family-oriented vibes, mini parades, cool vintage vendors and of course, gelato!


  • Scandicci Design Lab
    I am a fashion design major and a lot of my time is spent in sewing studios and labs. I have three out of seven classes, (Design Studio I, Materials and Construction and Textiles for the Fashion Designer), that are held at the Polimoda Scandicci Design Lab every week. I can say I spend about 20-23 hours a week at the Design Lab. I mean who wouldn’t? It’s beautiful, calm, clean (most of the time) and very sleek.



  •  Academic Trip to Paris – Christian Dior Exhibition Yes, I know this is NOT in Florence, but had I not been studying abroad in Florence, I would’ve never been to Paris to see this magical exhibition. Words do not do justice for how amazing and perfectly curated the Christian Dior Exhibition was. I will never forget this experience.



“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
— Mary Oliver

3 Things I Plan To Accomplish
1) Become fluent in Italian
2) Develop the next level of craftsmanship with sewing and draping
3) Successfully ending my first and second semester with greater knowledge on fashion,
art, history and design

That is all for now folks! Ciao e grazie!


The days of dreaming of living in Italy have finally come true.   Not just any city in Italy but the one filled with the most history, art, and culture – Florence.  And it still doesn’t seem real when I walk down the streets and I see the Vespas running with full speed, the cheese man outside of his shop gossiping with the neighbor, the fruit and vegetable stand selling the sweetest figs and juiciest grapes.  It’s something about the way of life here that makes it seem as if you have stepped into another world – one where the clock does not exist and everyone lives in perfect harmony.  It’s true what they say about studying abroad – it changes you completely, forever almost.  And I can already feel myself becoming a whole new person.  

I’ve taken up an apartment on the other side of the river, the Oltrarno, where locals frequent the delicious artisanal restaurants, and there is an abundance of small specialized shops.  The best part of living on this side, though, is crossing the Ponte Carraia every single morning on the way to class, when the sun is coming into full glory and I can spot the Ponte Vecchio just one bridge down.  Although I said the dream of living in Italy has come true – it still feels like I’m dreaming.

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