Spring Break came and went, just as this entire year is happening. Here’s a photo of some friends and I in Greece, at a beach near Athens.

The year is almost over, and we are sad to be enjoying our last few weeks of FIT in Florence!


FERRAGAMO: History that is RTW

Today, the FM students visited to the Salvatore Ferragamo headquarters, located here in Florence above the Ferragamo flagship and museum. The corporate offices are in an incredible Renaissance palace, belonging to Ferragamo since the 1940’s.

We met with their Management/Merchandising team, an elegant group who carry out all of the production, from sourcing raw materials and working with the design team, to fashion shows and in-store delivery which is of course, global.

It’s inspiring to see how the legacy of Salvatore is carried out and translated to RTW, something that Mr. Ferragamo did not specifically specialize in. The team still uses values and construction processes from almost century ago.

After a lovely and informative presentation, we had a coffee reception with the team and heard some wise words from Ferruccio Ferragamo, son of Salvatore, pictured below. What a privilege! We then concluded our appointment with a visit to the museum, now featuring an exhibit of Marilyn Monroe.

Evolution of European Fashion: Les Art Decoratifs, Paris

One of the activities we did in Paris during our academic field trip a few weeks ago was a visit to Les Art Decoratifs. It’s one of the better known museums in Paris, and there are always amazing exhibits going on there. We got a guided tour to Fashioning Fashion: Deux Siècles de Mode Européenne, 1700-1915, which showed the evolution of traditional European fashion from the beginning of the 18th Century until now. We lucked out with the best tour guide we could have asked for, who was enthusiastic and meticulously informative.

It was inspiring to see the way fashion has changed over the past couple of centuries for men and women. They certainly did not dress for comfort, and can you believe it took hours to get dressed each day?

Check it out!

Update… Happy New Year!

Hello readers!!

We are so excited to have begun our second semester here in Florence. It’s been a great holiday break. We are all well-rested and ready to go. Some of us went home to see our families and friends, while some of us stayed (I personally stayed and had my family come visit me–why not?). We’ve had to say goodbye to some of our classmates who only stayed for one semester, and have welcomed some new students into the program for the Spring 2013 session. Anyhow, classes have commenced and we couldn’t be happier to get right back into things.

This semester looks promising for me. I have two classes in the lovely Villa Favard, both in the Sala Rosa, pictured below. It has magnificent frescoes on the ceiling and the walls are colored with a cute pink. It’s easy to zone out and get lost in the allegorical beauty shown on the ceiling, above the dangling chandelier. It’s quite a picturesque room to casually attend class in.

Another one of my classes is located in the French Institute of Florence. Since there is so much going on at Polimoda, we had to relocate in order to meet all of our classroom needs, which is fine by us. The Institute is right next to the Arno River, and our room has a window view overlooking the picturesque scene. It’s quite nice…

In other news, we’ve now completed a full week of classes and are looking forward to future classes and opportunities to come. We’ve seen better weather, but that’s expected during the winter season here in Florence. At least our school is looking mighty pretty. Please see the main entrance of Villa Favard, pictured below.

Expect some exciting posts in the near future–we took a class trip to Pitti Filatti, a textile tradeshow that bi-annually takes place here in Florence, and we are anxiously awaiting our academic trip to Paris this coming month.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, may 2013 be filled with good health and happiness!

Until next time,

I’m Zach, FMM 3rd year…. Ciao!