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Gnocchi in a pesto sauce with bacon

Spring break has finally arrived and it’s been a long haul to get to this point. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of school work, projects, and tests, mixed with trying to spend time in the gorgeous weather. Florence in the spring is unreal: the skies are blue, the sun is warm, and the streets fill up with the buzz and bustle of people going on their ways. People begin to sit outside with cappuccinos and paninis, relaxing on the steps of the many churches and piazzas. I most certainly have lost my tolerance for snow since being here and I’m not sure if I will ever be able to build that back up (or if I even want to try!).


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Just a casual day on a Florence rooftop, right?

The Italians still think it’s cold, but I’ve been attempting to soak up the sun in minimal clothing on my friend’s terrace during every spare moment this week. Our books for midterms were laying near us and I’m hoping that along with the sun, I soaked up some info from the pages of my notebooks as well. Everyone has different study methods, right?


It’s been a tough semester of work, yet I would redo it if it meant we weren’t this far along. I have under 45 days until my flight takes off for New York. I’m not ready to go back yet and I’m not sure I ever will be. Though some people are eager to return home, I would be happy to spend a few more months here, before heading to the city for senior year. A semester is most certainly not long enough to grow accustomed to a new city and two semesters still hasn’t gotten me there.


IMG_4692 copyLast weekend we went on a gorgeous hike through Tuscany. Professor Iozzi led us up through the hills and made way for us to look over Florence. From any point outside of the city, you can see the monstrosity of the Duomo, sitting dead center of the many buildings. You can make out a few others if you try, but it is crazy to look from afar and see just how big the dome is. It was warm enough on the hike to wear a tank top, the sun beating down on my shoulders. With our time rushing towards an end, I force myself to worry less about my grades and schoolwork and to get outside, see the city, truly give it all that I can. Who knows when I will return.



I was also lucky enough to turn 21 in Florence… this says “Many Wishes Kaylee” although I think they spelt it Kaylle… close enough!

Tomorrow I leave for Portugal for a week. My friends are heading to locations such as Greece, Berlin, Belgium, Malta and more for spring break. For some it’s their last trip of their months of stay. I’m extremely happy that both my mind and my budget cut off some of my travel this semester. Florence is so gorgeous in the spring, that I don’t want to leave it each weekend, only to realize that I missed the city I live in by trying to see others. The list of places I want to see continually grows longer since coming here, but Florence it’s a sight in itself and I’m so lucky to be here.