An Island Adventure

Last weekend I decided to take a short, two day trip, to Palermo on the island of Sicily. I was in pursuit of some warmer weather and great sites. I was not disappointed!

The first day, I decided to take a walk around Palermo and take in the attractions. Palermo is a beautiful city, complete with the amazing architecture of the Byzantine, Arab, and Italian civilizations; all of who used to control the island. One of the most stunning sites I saw was the Cattedrale de Palermo, which featured all three of these cultures. I was also thrilled that Palermo was also armed with some of the best shopping in Southern Italy and I happily indulged.

The next day, I took a short train ride out to the village of Cefalù. The main attraction is the beach, which was amazing. It was great being able to sit out for hours in the warm sun, and it only being mid-march.

I loved my trip to Palermo and hope to return soon!


Cattedrale de Palermo

Cattedrale de Palermo

Teatro di Palermo

Teatro di Palermo

The Trip to Two Continents

Last week, my friends and I decided to take a long weekend trip to Istanbul, Turkey. The unique city literally featured “the best of both worlds”. Situated on the Bosporus Straight, half of this city lies on the continent of Europe, while the other half lies on the continent of Asia. The city also combines both the Christian culture of Europe with the Islamic culture of the middle-eastern portions of Asia.  

            Our first day began early, with a long tour. We saw historical sites such as the Hagia Sofia and The Blue Mosque. These were some of the most beautiful religious sites I have ever seen. The tour concluded with a trip to the Grand Baazar where we were able to buy authentic Turkish souvenirs.

The next day was fairly relaxed. We decided that we should take a trip to the Asian side of the city before we left, so that we could say that we have been on the continent. The Asian side was much more authentic, with very few people speaking English. It was a great experience but we left quickly. Our night concluded with a delicious Turkish dinner overlooking the Hagia Sofia

Overall our trip was fantastic. Istanbul was an incredibly distinctive place, which I would highly suggest people to visit!


Paris’ Most Beautiful Boat Cruise

This week our school took a fantastic academic field trip to Paris. During the trip, FITSA organized an activity to take a boat cruise on the River Seine. While the weather was quite cold, the sights were fantastic. Everything from the Eiffel Tower, to the historic Notre Dame was visible from the boat. This was all experienced with a fantastic Nutella crepe in hand, provided by the on-board cafe. Everyone had a great time.

Hike up Fiesole!

In one of the first FITSA events of the new semester, we planned a trip to go to the city of Fiesole. The catch was, not only were we going to the city, we were going to hike to the top of the mountain the city sits in the middle off.

The hike started off simply merely walking the streets of Fiesole up gently sloping hills. However, in time the “hills” became mountainous and the paths became dirt.

After hiking for two hours we finally reached the top of the mountain. Arriving at the summit gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. The view from the top was fantastic and we could see all around the surrounding valleys.

In retrospect, while I was very tired, I enjoyed the hike immensely. I was also able to take some fantastic panoramas of Firenze from the mountain!

A Hard Rock Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays, FITSA (FIT Student Activities), decided to throw a program wide Christmas party at the Hard Rock Café in Florence.  This was an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate the Christmas holidays together, as well as say goodbye to those semester students in our program, who are returning to FIT in New York for the spring semester.

Our group was seated in the best part of the restaurant, which was right in front of the stage. Since originally the Hard Rock was a movie theatre for the people of Florence, the stage featured a large silver screen which was playing rock and roll music videos.  The entire building was decorated beautifully.

After socializing for a bit, it was time for the meal. The menu was fantastic. It featured all of the “American” delicacies we had been missing; ranging from Burgers, to New York Strip Steak. I decided to indulge in the messiest of all choices, and chose the “BBQ Baby Back Ribs”. They were exceptional, and it was made better by the traditional American ice-cream Sunday topped with a cherry, to conclude the feast.
We concluded the party by taking pictures together and reminiscing about the fun times we had during the semester. It was a bitter-sweet moment for everyone, yet everyone still had a blast.