We are so sad to see it go – our fabulous time in Florence has ended. School is over so it’s time to say arrivederci, eat one last cannoli, pack up our bags and head home. The FIT campus will never be the same after such a pleasant year at Polimoda Istututo.

Our time here has been amazing, but it will certainly be nice to return home to sunny weather – I’ve got family and friends who I haven’t seen for almost 9 months!

To end the year, the FASA board planned a picnic at the Boboli Gardens, behind Pitti Palace. With catered food from Panino Tondo (perhaps the best lunch place near the Polimoda campus with Italian-style BAGELS), it was “be there or be square.” We signed yearbooks, hugged goodbye, and hung out in the sunshine.

We’ll miss you, Florence – A PRESTO!



Spring Break came and went, just as this entire year is happening. Here’s a photo of some friends and I in Greece, at a beach near Athens.

The year is almost over, and we are sad to be enjoying our last few weeks of FIT in Florence!


My Big Fat Greek Spring Break!

Spring Break is very important to college students, and us FIT in Florence students were blessed this year with the opportunity of already being in Europe for our week off to do as we please. We all did different things and went to different places–some stayed in Italy, some went to Spain, Ibiza, Malta, Poland, and even some people went back home just to say hi. I personally spent the week in Greece, soaking up the sun and history in the Mediterranean capital of Athens (we did some other island hopping as well).

First things first– I highly recommend travelling to Greece. It’s beautiful and beachy, the food is incredible, there’s great shopping, and the Greeks are some of the nicest people. Our hotel looked up at the ancient Acropolis, which tells stories of times before Christ. The ancient ruins were mind-blowing and I feel so privileged to have seen them. All in all, Athens is a beautiful city with a ton of character and individuality.

Some highlights were the changing of the guards at Parliament, seafood dishes, ATV safari on the island of Corfu, sight-seeing and sandal shopping.


FERRAGAMO: History that is RTW

Today, the FM students visited to the Salvatore Ferragamo headquarters, located here in Florence above the Ferragamo flagship and museum. The corporate offices are in an incredible Renaissance palace, belonging to Ferragamo since the 1940’s.

We met with their Management/Merchandising team, an elegant group who carry out all of the production, from sourcing raw materials and working with the design team, to fashion shows and in-store delivery which is of course, global.

It’s inspiring to see how the legacy of Salvatore is carried out and translated to RTW, something that Mr. Ferragamo did not specifically specialize in. The team still uses values and construction processes from almost century ago.

After a lovely and informative presentation, we had a coffee reception with the team and heard some wise words from Ferruccio Ferragamo, son of Salvatore, pictured below. What a privilege! We then concluded our appointment with a visit to the museum, now featuring an exhibit of Marilyn Monroe.