Fun academic trip to Linea Pelle

On the past Wednesday all the design major students went to a trade show with our professors in Bologna, we got to get outside of Florence again and it was such an amazing trade show! Its name is called:Linea Pelle.

Linea Pelle is basically a Leather, synthetic fabrics and accessories show. There were four buildings just for showing leathers, and rest of them were for other fabrics and etc. It was crazy for how many different kinds of leathers that we saw, and more important is the techniques they use for create different affects in leathers. It was amazing.

I also love the trend area, that was actually my favorite part of the entire trade show. We got to see the trend for 2015 spring and summer, just like it was in Premiere Visione in Paris, but I think this one is more fun and contains lots of new and interesting things! Fabrics that made of plastic, synthetic leather, what we called scuba fabric…everything, just gave me lots and lots of inspirations!

At the end I saw this amazing 3D printed shoes. They were unbelievable, the hole shoes was made by layers and layers putting together, which are all printed by 3D printer, they are metal –like and looks very heavy, but actually when you hold it, it feels just like paper. Well instead of print paper only, 3D printer right now can print all kinds of material, which is the progress of the technique, I am really happy to see it!

Unfortunately the whole trade show didn’t allow me to take any pictures, but I did find some pictures online, hope you all gets the spirit! blog1



pictures from

This is the company who makes these amazing shoes!

Cruise trip in Paris !

Hey there~

Long time no see~ Now that is already the fifth week since we came back from the holiday, time goes really fast, and I really cherish the only 3 months that has left to stay here.

FIT in Florence held an academic trip to Paris last week, FOR 4 DAYS!!! Do not be jealous 😛 It was a really really great experience and I really enjoyed it! This is also another reason I love this campus, we have a lot of chance to go explore different places, since I am a Fashion Design major students, I got to explore Milan last semester during the Fashion Week, and I got to see the yarn trade show Pitti Filatti with teacher 2 weeks ago, and in Paris, we went to Premiere Visione, which are all the top cities and shows! I am really grateful to have all this chances! :)

Since I am also the member of FLorence Abroad Study Activities group, I would like to post a event in Paris, was held by our group, which is the Cruise trip! We did this trip at the first day in Paris, everybody signed up, and looks like there are no regrets, everybody had lots of fun! First of all, it was a really beautiful night, although it was a bit cold if you stay on the deck, but we did it anyway, because the night view in Paris is so amazing! I would say is a city with sparkles of lights! There are sparkles everywhere, and lights on the historical bridges, we passes all the historical monuments, along with the audio speaking of telling us the history and interesting stories about this city, I melt, I bet others too… <3

boat trip1 boat trip2 boat trip3 boat trip4  And when we saw the Effiel Tower sparkled. :)

  Everybody has a great weekend!

A historical moment!

Last weekend we went to the school’s student activity group—a FASA held activity, which was a soccer game played at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. Soccer is such a big thing in Italy, so it must be fun! Especially since we are already here, we got to watch it. I’m glad that almost everybody signed up for this or they will regret for sure, because we had so much fun!!

It was not a long way by bus from Santa Maria Novella(The train station), but we had some problems figuring out which bus should we take. Let’s give a big thank you to the FASA member Rachel of being such a responsible person and help fix the problem right away.  After 15 minutes in a crowded bus, we finally got to the Stadium. Guess what’s the first word that can express my feeling when I got off the bus? PURPLE!!! Everybody wore their purple jersey for it is the symbol color of the local team Fiorentine. Big flags, scarves(must have, everybody hang it in the hand to make a purple sea during the game to cheer up the team, that scene was so amazing.), everything is purple! Wearing black and white was the symbol of the other team, Juventus which we were not rooting for. We FIT students wore all purple too, since we study in Florence and we don’t want to be kicked out of the stadium, haha just kidding.

First half of the game was ok, ball was always close to the gate but never got kicked in, people got upset and worried because Juventus already got 2 points, purple sea kept cheer up for their team. By this time I got bored and went to get hotdogs… Suddenly I heard people screaming and shouting the name of the team and the player, I nearly dropped my hotdog,haha ! That was the most fun thing ever, people got so crazy and hugged each other, sang songs, took pictures, and were running around! Because Fiorentine got one point! And then what was even more exciting was in the second half of the game, Player called Rossi kicked three balls in a row towards the end of the game! Everybody went so crazy!! I was so happy that jumped off the seat and hugged with people, if you were there, you’ll be so amazed by the atmosphere, happiness, and the cheerfulness. It was the best feeling ever!

Maybe you’ll get confused about the title, actually, after the game in the Monday afternoon, our Italian professor told us that Fiorentine hasn’t won the game for the past 15 years… Isn’t that unbelievable? So this time was really a historical moment! That’s why everybody got so happy!! We made such a right choice to go there. After this time, I love soccer even more! I think this is the spirit of sport, never give up. Fiorentine had such a long buffer period, but they did not give up, keep training, keep trying, you’ll finally see the success one day! Salute!


Go! Cinque Terre!

This is the second field trip that we had in the beginning of the semester; it is the first field trip that I joined in the FIT in Florence program, which was very exciting and fun!

I woke up in the early morning, got dressed, wore sneakers (of course sneaker because of the hiking), and sun screen; all prepared! Here we go! The weather is different than I thought, a little bit cool, but it is the best for hiking. (Sorry for the beach lovers :( )

We met up at Grand Medici Hotel, Mr. Lozzi told us things that we need to be careful during the trip, he gave us some safety advice, which is really helpful. Our journey begins. Everybody had a nice nap in the bus… thanks to our amazing bus driver’s driving skills for making this trip safe and comfy, haha.

Cinque Terre is even better than the pictures I saw on Google. Although the weather that day was kind of cloudy and dark, you can still see how beautiful and cute the little towns are. The things that were special and impressed me the most are the colorful buildings they have, they are everywhere, and I think they are the symbol of Cinque Terre. Besides that, there is a splendid view of the sea and the mountains with this nice, cloudy weather. I knew it was going to be fun!

Later on, several other girls and I started to hike, with the leading of Mr.Lozzi. We spoke to each other while we were hiking, sometimes took a rest together, enjoyed the view of the sea and the little breeze which was perfect. There was a moment that I felt like this is life, life should be like this! Work hard, play hard, enjoy the most of it, enjoy nature! :) In this way, we got to know each other more. :) When you’re hiking, it is a work out, you start to love the feeling of being sore, and sweaty (in very little situations haha), it makes you happy!

I joined the half of the hiking routine (that’s enough for me :) ), and then I met several other girls on the beach. It’s a rocky beach, view is, again, amazing! I sat on the rocks that were the closest to the sea, the waves hit the rock, it was kind of scary, but it was so much fun! This is the moment that you feel the power of nature.

Cute towns, cute alleys with beautiful flowers and well decorated houses, and gelaterie (of course). I ended my trip with an amazing pasta mixed with sea food! This is the definition of “a nice trip” ! :)