Back Again!FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

Back Again!


After a lovely 4 weeks of break, we are all once again back in Florence for the spring semester. Traveling around Europe was awesome, but is nice to be back in the familiar streets of Firenze. It is so strange how a city that was completely foreign four months ago, now feels like home.

For our first week of classes, we were already up to speed! During our first flats and technical specs class we visited Filati Pitti, a yarn and textile trade show at the Fortezza di Basso. Similar to the White trade show in Milan, this event showcased the newest and most modern forms of textile production.  All the different producers opened my eyes to all the possibilities within knit-wear and textile. I know many of us were inspired to incorporate new forms of knits into our showcase for Massimiliano Giornetti In April. Here are some photos from the showrooms!


sheepMetallic sheep for Metallic wool. So cute!

figures Untitled-1

Some close ups of the cool new knits.

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