A historical moment!FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

A historical moment!


Last weekend we went to the school’s student activity group—a FASA held activity, which was a soccer game played at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. Soccer is such a big thing in Italy, so it must be fun! Especially since we are already here, we got to watch it. I’m glad that almost everybody signed up for this or they will regret for sure, because we had so much fun!!

It was not a long way by bus from Santa Maria Novella(The train station), but we had some problems figuring out which bus should we take. Let’s give a big thank you to the FASA member Rachel of being such a responsible person and help fix the problem right away.  After 15 minutes in a crowded bus, we finally got to the Stadium. Guess what’s the first word that can express my feeling when I got off the bus? PURPLE!!! Everybody wore their purple jersey for it is the symbol color of the local team Fiorentine. Big flags, scarves(must have, everybody hang it in the hand to make a purple sea during the game to cheer up the team, that scene was so amazing.), everything is purple! Wearing black and white was the symbol of the other team, Juventus which we were not rooting for. We FIT students wore all purple too, since we study in Florence and we don’t want to be kicked out of the stadium, haha just kidding.

First half of the game was ok, ball was always close to the gate but never got kicked in, people got upset and worried because Juventus already got 2 points, purple sea kept cheer up for their team. By this time I got bored and went to get hotdogs… Suddenly I heard people screaming and shouting the name of the team and the player, I nearly dropped my hotdog,haha ! That was the most fun thing ever, people got so crazy and hugged each other, sang songs, took pictures, and were running around! Because Fiorentine got one point! And then what was even more exciting was in the second half of the game, Player called Rossi kicked three balls in a row towards the end of the game! Everybody went so crazy!! I was so happy that jumped off the seat and hugged with people, if you were there, you’ll be so amazed by the atmosphere, happiness, and the cheerfulness. It was the best feeling ever!

Maybe you’ll get confused about the title, actually, after the game in the Monday afternoon, our Italian professor told us that Fiorentine hasn’t won the game for the past 15 years… Isn’t that unbelievable? So this time was really a historical moment! That’s why everybody got so happy!! We made such a right choice to go there. After this time, I love soccer even more! I think this is the spirit of sport, never give up. Fiorentine had such a long buffer period, but they did not give up, keep training, keep trying, you’ll finally see the success one day! Salute!


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