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FIT in Florence

Work Work Work…. and Feathers!


We just finished our first major project! For our fashion art class we were required to create 50-60 figures in a single collection. This was a brutal shock to all of us, considering the most that was required of us in New York was 12 figures. So after the initial freak out we rolled up our sleeves and got to it.

In the end it was not as impossible as it seemed.Yes there were extremely late nights, but with every figure I got a little faster and a little better.

After a tough week of finishing up that project we had some fun in our Fashion Past and Present class. We visited “ Mazzanti Piume Petali” a special Atelier that creates feather pieces, trims, and accessories for luxury designers all around the world. We saw first hand the process of cleaning and dyeing the different kinds of feathers. We learned how a simple feather could be warped and molded into fantastical shapes and accessories with only a few simple tools. At one point we were even allowed to try on several of hats and pieces from the Artisan’s own line of feather accessories “Nanà Firenze”, as well as some pieces they had created for theater companies.

Here are some pics of the accessories and us playing dress up


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