Falling in Love with MilanFIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

Falling in Love with Milan



Falling in one with Milan


t’s been only four weeks since we arrived to beautiful Firenze, and we were already off to Milan for the weekend! I was honestly not expecting too much. I had heard that Milan is a sprawling city with a cold and industrial vibe. But once we arrived, the high-pitched whir of the subways and the activity of young urbanites brought me back to my beloved New York City. Yet Milan is the same and different. Tall cranes are scattered around fresh skyscrapers, while cobblestone alleys and ancient churches resound with the history of the city.

The view from our rooftop tour of the Duomo (cathedral) of Milan.

On our first day of Milan we began with a visit to the small atelier of designer Selene Giorgi. She is a petite and whimsical looking woman who explained to us that she never had practical training as a designer. Instead, she attended only one year of art school and began creating pieces using only natural fibers and a dress form. She said that creativity for a designer needs to act like a drug. It needs to push you beyond expectations. It must keep you awake at night with the longing to create.  I hoping her words of wisdom will help me push through those tough work nights before finals:)

Milan captured my creativity in a way I had not expected. We are off to Rome in November, but I am hoping to revisit this lovely city for a weekend before then. Till next time, Arrivederci!


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