Falling in Love with Milan


Falling in one with Milan


t’s been only four weeks since we arrived to beautiful Firenze, and we were already off to Milan for the weekend! I was honestly not expecting too much. I had heard that Milan is a sprawling city with a cold and industrial vibe. But once we arrived, the high-pitched whir of the subways and the activity of young urbanites brought me back to my beloved New York City. Yet Milan is the same and different. Tall cranes are scattered around fresh skyscrapers, while cobblestone alleys and ancient churches resound with the history of the city.

The view from our rooftop tour of the Duomo (cathedral) of Milan.

On our first day of Milan we began with a visit to the small atelier of designer Selene Giorgi. She is a petite and whimsical looking woman who explained to us that she never had practical training as a designer. Instead, she attended only one year of art school and began creating pieces using only natural fibers and a dress form. She said that creativity for a designer needs to act like a drug. It needs to push you beyond expectations. It must keep you awake at night with the longing to create.  I hoping her words of wisdom will help me push through those tough work nights before finals:)

Milan captured my creativity in a way I had not expected. We are off to Rome in November, but I am hoping to revisit this lovely city for a weekend before then. Till next time, Arrivederci!


As beautiful as we imagined.

It’s the first day in Italy. You set your bags down and everyone decides to go explore a little. It’s as if today is the first and last day to see the city – you feel the need to see everything, all at once, all right now. Walking around, you can almost feel the drool start to form as your jaw has yet to return to its rightful place. You walk down the Arno river, over the bridges that belong in the photographs you’ve been looking at for months and months, wondering how different it will be once your there in person, once you’re here.

The streets, tiny, cozy, and beautifully historic. The people, frizzy haired, casually fashionable, and wonderfully lax bring you in, farther from the noise and aggression of New York City that you left not long ago. You pass the cafes and bars and gelaterias of the city in a mild state of shock. You don’t even realize the amount of time that’s passed since you started the walk together. Just like they told you, you really can see the Duomo from any point in the city, and you follow its burnt orange rooftop to the center of the city. You walk ahead of the group without even noticing. You turn the corner and there it is, in all its wonderful marble magic. How did you even get here?

Fast forward a few weeks and we’re all finally settling in. I no longer need to look at my maps to get around (most of the time), I’m finding it easier to speak in Italian on the fly (sometimes with google translate), and I’ve successfully gone on trips! Cinque Terre was beautiful. It was a welcomed day of extreme heat (95 degrees Fahrenheit) and hiking followed by a swim in the Mediterranean in which you look up at the mountains, slightly baffled by your hiking them but mostly that you’re here, in this water, at the foot of these mountains.

Tomorrow we wake up at an hour I wasn’t sure truly existed: 5:15AM. One of those times that you assume is there only cause it has be, but you’ve never really seen it on your alarm. But I suppose because we’ll be in Milan for the next three days straight going to concept stores, museums, and factory and archive visits, we’ll allow it. However, that does mean that my 11:00PM post is far too late. Wish me buona forte.


Go! Cinque Terre!

This is the second field trip that we had in the beginning of the semester; it is the first field trip that I joined in the FIT in Florence program, which was very exciting and fun!

I woke up in the early morning, got dressed, wore sneakers (of course sneaker because of the hiking), and sun screen; all prepared! Here we go! The weather is different than I thought, a little bit cool, but it is the best for hiking. (Sorry for the beach lovers :( )

We met up at Grand Medici Hotel, Mr. Lozzi told us things that we need to be careful during the trip, he gave us some safety advice, which is really helpful. Our journey begins. Everybody had a nice nap in the bus… thanks to our amazing bus driver’s driving skills for making this trip safe and comfy, haha.

Cinque Terre is even better than the pictures I saw on Google. Although the weather that day was kind of cloudy and dark, you can still see how beautiful and cute the little towns are. The things that were special and impressed me the most are the colorful buildings they have, they are everywhere, and I think they are the symbol of Cinque Terre. Besides that, there is a splendid view of the sea and the mountains with this nice, cloudy weather. I knew it was going to be fun!

Later on, several other girls and I started to hike, with the leading of Mr.Lozzi. We spoke to each other while we were hiking, sometimes took a rest together, enjoyed the view of the sea and the little breeze which was perfect. There was a moment that I felt like this is life, life should be like this! Work hard, play hard, enjoy the most of it, enjoy nature! :) In this way, we got to know each other more. :) When you’re hiking, it is a work out, you start to love the feeling of being sore, and sweaty (in very little situations haha), it makes you happy!

I joined the half of the hiking routine (that’s enough for me :) ), and then I met several other girls on the beach. It’s a rocky beach, view is, again, amazing! I sat on the rocks that were the closest to the sea, the waves hit the rock, it was kind of scary, but it was so much fun! This is the moment that you feel the power of nature.

Cute towns, cute alleys with beautiful flowers and well decorated houses, and gelaterie (of course). I ended my trip with an amazing pasta mixed with sea food! This is the definition of “a nice trip” ! :)

First Week of College! I survived!

Many people have mixed feelings about college and how they’ll adjust themselves to this environment. Many are scared, many are confident, many, like me, don’t have expectations of the school, but of themselves.

I am part of a community of 8 first year Fashion Design students here in Florence, and I can say that everyone is very unique in how they view fashion and art. I saw some of us struggling in certain classes while others where excelling. Everyone had their weak and strong points in each class. Personally, I like to classify myself as a perfectionist, so when I “fail” at something it can really ruin my mood.  However, after some discussion with family and friends, I realized that I shouldn’t be upset that I didn’t do as well as I thought I would. It’s just the beginning of my fashion school career and I can’t bring myself down. No one should be bringing themselves down. We all came here to learn; we’re the new blank canvases of the fashion world.

Anyway, I just wanted to write something comforting for my first post. Tomorrow some of us will be visiting Siena, so I will upload some photos of the trip.

– Irene M.