Lemuria Guest Speaker

When FIT visited the White Trade Show  during our academic field trip to Milan back in September, we met a cool independent designer with a brand named Lemuria. Her garments are cleverly designed convertible clothes made of soft jersey. What appears to simply be a skirt could transform into a dress, a top, and even a cardigan. The Draping teacher for the second year fashion design students held a good conversation with her at the trade show and kept her contact.

Last Friday, the designer of Lemuria came to Polimoda to speak to FIT students about her brand. She demonstrated how her garment could be transformed on a student model (me!) Different jersey swatches and hem finishings were passed around to the students as she spoke about the fashion business and design process. Though she spoke mainly in Italian and needed to be translated by our professors, we all learned about her brand and working with jersey knits.

It was a wonderful experience to see a designer as a guest speaker for our school who we previously saw in Milan. It was great to hear about the business world from someone who had plenty of experience. It is events like this that make FIT in Florence a truly memorable and valuable experience.

To check out a video of one of her garments, check this video out:

The moment.

I haven’t written for a while but after a short break… welcome again.

I hope you’re all recovered after Sandy’s attack! I’ve heard that your pre-departure meeting was rescheduled but you ended up having a nice time in MODA Cafe that I used to visit quite often to grab a coffee while preparing myself emotionally to come to Italy :)

How have been these weeks for us, FIT students in Florence? Well, to be honest quite good. We attended an interesting Meucci milinery workshop and everyone had fun creating his or her own hat, we had also an amazing Thanksgiving potluck thanks to FITSA and obviously we’ve traveled a lot across Europe and even outside the continent on our own or with friends.

I’m also a part of the yearbook team and we’ve been working on it. It’s a lot of fun and you feel so satisfied when you see some results that look quite nice. If you enjoy writing, creating layouts or taking pictures, it’s definitely an extracurricular, you should join.

Now, similarly to the schedule of New York City’s campus, we’re approaching the time of final exams. Then, we’ll be enjoying the winter break and everyone’s so looking forward to it. However, December in Florence is not only about studying – FITSA is organizing a brunch in a place called Ganzo, we’re also going to see “The Nutcracker” and we’ll be ice-skating. I believe that on the 18th we’re also having Christmas dinner. I’m so exited!

I’ll see you in the mid-January! Can’t wait!

If you have any questions concerning you arrival or your stay in Italy, please feel free to ask.