Mangio, Mangia, Mangiamo…FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

Mangio, Mangia, Mangiamo…


Studying abroad is also about culture and a big part of Italian culture is the FOOD.

Well, maybe there is no a big variety of restaurants in Florence (there are simply not that many cuisines as in NYC) but you still have numerous options to try new dishes and choose your new favorite one.

Believe me or not but there are way more types of cheeses here than probably anywhere else on the planet. While going to a regular grocery store you’ll have to make a decision and pick one from… parmesan, pecorino, stracchino, groviera or gorgonzola… so better be decisive:)

Talking about restaurants… I absolutely love sandwiches (panini) served in a lunch place across the street from our campus. There is also a great gelateria just around the corner called B.ICE. We went there during the orientation week and I always come back when I feel like eating gelato. They offer so many flavors… My favorite one is… LAVENDER (I’m not sure if you can eat it anywhere else in the world!). My friend fell in love with their peach and pear gelato – it tastes like real fruit! As you may already realized, I love desserts. So far I think that they serve best tiramisu in a terrace café in a department store la Rinascente. Moreover, you can’t avoid eating pizza while studying in Italy. Forget the Grimaldi’s or any other NYC Pizzeria and go to Gusta Pizza on the other side of the Arno river in Florence. In my opinion, it is definitely the number one pizza in town. Their bestselling one is prepared with rucola, cherry tomatoes, mozarella and parmesan cheese. I bet you’ve already got hungry but in Italy there is so much more things you need to have – any kind of pasta (you can get delicious discounted ravioli at San Lorenzo Market on Tuesday morning and you absolutely need to visit Siena to taste a special kind of pasta – pici), Florentine steak and cannoli (pastry dessert).

Don’t leave Italy without drinking crodino or chino – their refreshing sodas… and of course Italian coffee is ranked among the finest on the Earth.

I hope I explained you a little bit about the Italian cuisine and now it’s time for me to eat dinner;)

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