Capitolo Preliminare

We have arrived.

Our Italian adventure has started on August 26th. Divided in four groups, we hit the roads of Florence with our new professors as tour guides. The weather surprised us with pouring rain but it didn’t stop us from admiring the beautiful streets of the city. Actually, it made our beginnings even more memorable. After a couple of hours, the clouds were gone and we were welcomed by the incredibly blue sky. All in all, being in the center of Tuscany is like living in a fairy tale: the bridges, the cobblestone streets, the mansions. You don’t have to be an art historian to appreciate the culture.

Now it is the week of orientation and we are in the process of apartment hunting, finding out more about the school and the city and of course meeting new people. As we are a multicultural group, I’ve already made friends from all over the world. However, I happen to be the only European among FIT students.

Don’t think that we’re only signing the leases and getting ready for classes! Two field trips are already planned: to Siena (another gorgeous city in Tuscany) and Cinque Terre (Five Villages by the sea).

Below I’m attaching some pictures that I managed to take while walking around. You need to see the views!

Wish us buona fortuna (good luck) and stay tuned!


I am currently writing on the plane from Los Angeles, California to Zurich, Switzerland, where I will take another flight to Florence, Italy.
Like most of the teenage population in my hometown, I always desired to leave the “Bubble” in hopes of new adventures. But as the plane began to take off today, I found myself silently begging the plane to stay on the ground for just a few moments more. I was already homesick.
Today has been unbearable. It has been a difficult, if not the most difficult, experiences of my life. I never realized how hard saying goodbye to my family, friends, and boyfriend could be. Although I never thought people considered me as their own best friend, I truly realized today how much my friends really do love me. My friends even surprised me with a movie documenting their goodbyes that they composed last minute. Even as busy as my friends are with their jobs and cross country practices, they still found the time to at least stop by my house and give me a final hug. My family was wonderful, taking me out to an amazing sushi restaurant for the last dinner and a delicious fish house for lunch today while comforting me that everything would be completely fine.
It was so difficult walking towards the security checkpoint at the airport, leaving my family and boyfriend behind me. My legs were shaking and I felt sick to my stomach. I’ll never forget their loving smiles as they blew me air kisses and waved me goodbye.
This whole past week has been such an incredible yet emotional goodbye.
Or maybe I shouldn’t call it a goodbye. I’m not leaving forever, right? I”ll be back in December.
Although I’m supposed to keep the windows shut right now, I can’t help but occasionally lift it and peer outside. The sky is unbelievably dark, but I can still see the fluffy clouds below me and the shining stars right above the wing. Apparently, we are flying over James Bay in Canada 10667 meters above sea level with a little less than seven hours left on the plane.
No doubt, I am excited to finally arrive in Italy and begin university there, but I am scared because of the uncertainty I feel. This is my first time traveling to Europe where I will live by myself in a town where I know zero people.
My biggest fear is that I will have trouble meeting people and not finding a roommate, as I am arriving one day later than most students. But I’m sure that I will meet incredible new people soon enough.
Off to get some sleep now. I have six hours left on this plane until Zurich and I should get as much rest as possible. Wish me luck getting rest! :)

The World Is A Book.

Hey guys!

As I’m leaving for Florence in two days, it’s also time to start my adventure with blogging. I’d like to share with you all of my thoughts about the program and I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

“I’ll be living in Florence in less than 48 hours.” – this sentence sounds so unbelievable to me. I’m done with the whole application process, the paperwork and studying Italian I. The only thing left is packing my personal stuff and saying goodbye to all of my family and friends. Even though, I’ve had done that so many times before because I’m an international student in the US, the leaving part never ever gets easier. However, I’m very excited to arrive in Florence and I look forward to meeting all of the people who will be there with me!

I need to admit that FIT offices have been very helpful with preparing us for the departure. All of the participating students have been emailed regularly, we attended a pre-departure meeting in May and I believe we are ready for the trip. Additionally, there is a group on Angel where we can find all necessary information. We can also email FIT in Florence alums to ask about the things we are curious or anxious about.

Surrounded by works of Brunelleschi, Michelangelo or Donatello, I’ll be looking for inspiration in Florence very soon. Remember that Italy is not only one of the capitals of fashion but a challenging academic center as well. We are getting an amazing chance to broaden our minds by learning another foreign language and finding out more about another culture.

What else can I add? Florence, I’m waiting for you.

P.S. Quick tip – Florence in Italian is called Firenze (so there is no confusion when we get there!:))