What Should I Bring??!?!? (Part 2)FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

What Should I Bring??!?!? (Part 2)


So I’m good with clothing and shoes what else do I need to bring? Well here are some handy tips for making a semester or year stay in Florence just a tad bit easier:

Ten Technology Tips:

1. if you’re into photography bring a good camera the pictures you take can last a life time, but if you’re not so big into photography bring a small camera that has a GOOD battery! If it doesn’t have a good lasting battery it can be frustrating when you are on academic trips see an awesome picture you want to take take out your camera and whoops… it’s out of batteries.

2. ADAPT with ADAPTERS. If they are good adapters (you can buy at brook-stone or other electronic stores) they will become your best friends.

3. bring an extra charger for your phone! I know too many girls that end up loosing their charger on a trip or having it broken then end up without a phone for a month.

4. Safety first: Make sure you know how to run virus checks on your computer (that you will bring!) or you have a good firewall (should do this regardless of where you are) because it would be horrible if your computer crashed. All that information…. sad day. Oh and make sure your computer has wifi and a good battery.

5.Hulu and Redbox don’t work…. so if you can’t stand to miss any of your favorite TV shows or movies… bring them with you and this can be a smart idea for the plane ride and if you plan on doing any long traveling (oh and movie night with friends is always fun… don’t forget the chips!)

6. I cried when I found out Pandora doesn’t work…. but your itunes will work perfectly and so does their radio ap. So bring a good music player. (oh and a small alarm clock is always good!)

7. Make sure all your appliances are 220 volts compatible, or you will see smoke!

8. Do not bring your American hair dryer or straightener unless you have the proper transformer or power converter.

9. Don’t forget to bring a good lasting pair of your favorite headphones. Music is always a must.

10. Last but not least…. don’t forget to bring a reliable INTERNATIONAL phone…. but beware in Italy it is pay as you go (buy a card at the store plug in the number and you are good to go until you run out of credit).

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