WE DID IT!! CLASS OF ’12FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence



Last night was the night of the IFD2 AAS graduation & exhibition @ Galleria d’arte Civico here in Florence. It’s been an exhausting few weeks but so worth it. It was such an incredible feeling to finally see all our hard work pay off and on display for the public. The graduation was more like a small party with an aperitivo of endless food & drinks and just happy faces all around. We were also lucky enough to have Ferruccio Ferragamo to give our commencement! 🙂 Now I can say that I was able to meet him AND give him 2 kisses on the cheek 😉

{mini fruit tarts}

{IFD2- Gaysha Ruiz & her guest, Samantha enjoying some food}

{left to right: Christin Noel, Shannon McGrath (IFMM), Gabriella Bonatesta (IFMM), Katelyn Odom, Brittany Keener, Taylor Amaroso, Elisa Rodriguez, & Grace Kim}

{design by: Elisa Rodriguez}

{design by: Christin Noel}

{design by: Brianne Judd}

{design by: Taylor Amoroso}
{left to right– designs by: Brittany Keener, Katelyn Odom, Christin Noel, Daisy O}

{hard work sure pays off 🙂 }


Huge thanks to Director Sass Brown, and her assistants, Grace Torreggiani & Anna Morandini for doing all the behind the scenes work and making everything possible and seamless from orientation week till now. And of course, thanks to our Professors, Lisa Feuerherm and Veronica Vivarelli helping us prepare our portfolios and exhibition garments, putting up with all our angst. We couldn’t have done it without all of you! We truly appreciate all of your help along the way. 🙂
& Best of luck to all those going into BFA & for those going into the industry!!

And now the hardest part is staying in school mode for the next 4 weeks… :X

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