What Should I Bring??!? (PART 1)FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

What Should I Bring??!? (PART 1)


Just warning you… It is really really really hard to get packages from the state send (and not to mention it is really expensive). This is all up for opinions but this is what I think the “bare necessity” is Lets start with my favorite category.


Bring warm pajamas because the winters are known for being pretty cold. Make sure you have tights for the cold weather (they will become your best friends and the more you have the more you can switch up your style). You also will want to have at least one good ‘snow’ jacket (it can get that cold and you never know the weather for when you’re traveling). Warm gloves but leave the scarves at home… there are millions in Florence and they typically are cheap and very cute. Bring a hat and rain gear (waterproof jackets)! For the warmer weather think Las Vegas in the summer… go Miami but also keep in mind if you dress in too little you might get a lot of unwanted attention (and it can be dangerous too). Also remember if you forget anything you can have it sent over (but I would keep this as a last resort) or you can just buy new from OVS, United Colours of Benetton, H&M or any of the famous Designer shops that can all be found in a short walk from the Duomo (and the same goes for shoes). Oh and don’t forget your party dresses….


5 inch heels and higher… leave them at home unless you have a perfect worst heel scenario skill set. Don’t mess with the pot holes or cobble stones of Florence unless you like sporting plaster and crutches. Have one good pair of walking shoes that you won’t mind throwing away or won’t mind if they get dirty… you will walk a lot and the streets might look clean but you never know and don’t wear white shoes… your shoes will not last a day if you have to walk a lot. Bring a pair of uggs to wear around the house. The homes get dusty quick and the floors can get really cold at night. And don’t forget a pair of wellingtons… they will be your lifesaver in Venice and during the rainy days (and don’t worry about spending a little more for them… It’s a good investment if they are durable).


Bring a 55cm x 40cm x 20cm sized suit case and no bigger if you want to do any cheap traveling around or out of Italy. Other than that… bring some cute bigger bags to complete your wardrobe, bigger because of the transportation of all your materials to and from school. Oh and you’ll want at least one of  your bags to be waterproof.

Other tips: if you love your shampoo and can’t live without it… bring enough for a year just encase you can’t find it here and it will be less expensive to bring it with you because of the conversion rate. Oh and peanut butter… you’ll want to bring some if you’re addicted to it (like me). almost 5 euros for a VERY small tub just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

Next time we’ll talk appliances!

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